Elder Scrolls Online’s Newest Dungeons Arrive On Xbox And PlayStation

The Elder Scrolls Online launched a new dungeons DLC for PC on August 22 and, after two weeks, it's finally available on Xbox and PlayStation. The Lost Depths brings two dungeons – Earthen Root Enclave and Graven Deep.

Both of these continue the Legacy of the Bretons storyline that started in High Isle so if you're itching for more lore following ESO's newest expansion, this is where you'll find it. Graven Deep is an interesting look into an ancient dwemer ruin that lies beneath the ocean, feeling one part BioShock and one part Atlantis. It's found in the Abecean Sea and your investigation there is led by a former pirate called Dhulef who is trying to uncover information about a Druid King and their voyage to the Systres.

Earthen Root Enclave similarly expands on the druids who were reintroduced for the first time since Daggerfall in High Isle. "For centuries, the Earthen Root Enclave stood as a spiritual sanctuary for the druids of the Systres," the description reads. "Now, the Firesong circle has invaded the honored haven, and Druid Laurel needs heroes to come to its defense."

There are a few armour sets you can find in these dungeons – the Archdruid Devyric, the Deeproot Zeal, the Euphotic Gatekeeper, the Grave Inevitability, the Langour of Peryite, Mara's Balm, Nocturnal's Ploy, the Pangrit Denmother, Phylactery's Grasp, the Rage of Ursauk, and Stone's Accord (thanks, ESO Hub).

Lost Depths also includes 47 new furniture pieces for those of you who like to model your in-game homes like a medieval fantasy Sims aficionado.

You can purchase the DLC with in-game Crowns, ESO's premium currency, or if you're a subscriber, you'll be able to jump into it for free with the new update. You can queue specifically for each dungeon, no doubt finding plenty of others excited to get stuck in.

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