Eula’s Best Team Members, Ranked

However you obtain Eula, she’s worth it. She’s currently one of the most unique DPS characters in Genshin Impact, thanks to a physical damage focus. Eula also holds the record for the highest possible damage number. It’s currently at around 4 million, give or take.

Can you hope to reach that level of damage against the game’s enemies? Of course not! It was done by a C6 Eula with an R5 Song of the Broken Pines. The vast majority of players never reach peak Eula but that doesn’t mean she’s useless. What you can do, is max her out as much as possible then optimize Eula’s team so that you can deal more or less half a million damage consistently. To do that, you just need to pair her with these party members. Take your pick, they’re ranked from least to most important.

10 Jean (C2)

Another way to increase Eula’s damage is to make her attack faster before her big damage hits. Sadly, she’s a claymore user and they’re inherently slow. That’s why support characters that give increased attack speed can be a godsend for Eula.

Jean comes to mind as one of the best in this category but only if she’s at C2 because that will grant 15 percent increased attack speed for the party. At this point, she’s more of a luxury for Eula and isn’t really necessary but getting her at C2 is a nice boost.

9 Rosaria

One of Eula’s biggest weaknesses? She needs a ton of energy to be at peak performance. Diona makes for a somewhat decent Cryo battery for her but Rosaria can be better thanks to her more frequent attacks and more consistent damage.

She also grants an additional CRIT Rate whenever she activates her Elemental Burst. This can ensure that Eula’s big damage will be maximized. There’s also the fact that Rosaria can also give Eula some Cryo resonance.

8 Beidou

Eula will need a backup DPS in case things go south in her setup. Beidou fits the bill well and can even perform that duty with flying colors. She hits hard, has her own claymore, and can provide a clutch move for a troubled party.

It’s all thanks to Beidou’s Elemental Skill that not only allows her to counter damage but also applies Electro damage reliably. She’s a good choice, especially if you didn’t catch Fischl during her freebie event.

7 Lisa

Then again, maybe some players also don’t have Beidou and weren’t blessed with Fischl? In that case, they’re stuck with Lisa. She’s not too bad honestly. Her Electro application might be slow and might also make her vulnerable but it has a large area of effect.

Moreover, Lisa can also shred an enemy’s DEF using her Elemental Burst. That means she already has two roles in the party. Last but not least, players can give her the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers catalyst to make Eula even more powerful.

6 Xingqiu

Once you get Eula’s Elemental Burst timer going, it’s only a matter of seconds before you get hit by a boatload of Physical DMG. During that time, making sure that enemies can’t move to avoid the damage is crucial to some fights and encounters.

Hence, Eula Frozen compositions are also welcome, and when it comes to providing a Hydro applicator for her, Xingqiu takes the cake for being affordable and having multiple roles. He can also double as a healer and energy generator for Eula.

5 Zhongli

Now, for additional monstrous debuffs against the enemy, not many characters can beat Zhongli at his own game. His Elemental Skill, when held, gives a Jade Shield that decreases all enemy resistances in an area by 20 percent.

Pair that with Superconduct, Xinyan’s C4 debuff, and Eula’s own physical resistance debuff, the enemies will probably turn into mush no matter how beefy they are. Any other Zhongli ability is just icing on the cake.

4 Xinyan (C4)

If you opted to include Bennett instead of Diona for a healer/buffer character, then including Xinyan is a good choice for that Pyro resonance. Not just any Xinyan though— she has to be a C4 Xinyan because this makes her Elemental Skill shred 15 percent Physical DMG resistance.

For Eula, that’s a pretty big debuff against enemies. If their physical resistance is already negative, then expect the numbers to be even more insane. Beyond that, Xinyan also has a decent enough shield to prevent damage and keep Eula upright.

3 Bennett

Of course, for a flat damage boost, it’s hard to omit Bennett. His Elemental Burst gives so much ATK that not including him can be a handicap. His Pyro abilities are a lot less important here and if you include him in Eula’s team, he’ll mostly act as a buffer.

Do be aware that his C6 benefit is terrible for Eula as it will convert her damage to Pyro. Moreover, you might not want to put both Diona and Bennett together in a team as the healing will become too redundant so it’s either one or the other.

2 Diona

Apart from Fischl, another all-star support that makes Eula shine brightest is Diona. This bow user just does so much for her. Since Diona is a cryo character, Eula gets that sweet cryo resonance, further increasing her CRIT Rate.

Players can also use Diona’s Elemental Skill or Burst in order to produce Superconduct reactions in case Eula’s abilities are on cooldown. On top of that, she’s also a consistent healer and a shielder. She and Fischl are Eula’s best buddies as far as team compositions go.

1 Fischl

Eula’s royalty; she deserves her own kind, and no other princess in Mondstadt is more fitting of her company than Fischl. We’re talking lore-wise and gameplay-wise. Fischl is the most consistent Electro applicator in the game thanks to her raven, Oz.

With that much Electro damage, Eula can easily trigger some Superconduct elemental reactions that shred the enemy’s physical resistance. This will then set them up for more pain once Eula starts auto-attacking or dealing that big chunk of physical damage. Fischl’s the best support for her in that regard.

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