Evidence The GTA Trilogy Will Launch On Steam Continues To Mount

Over a year after Rockstar remastered three of its most famous Grand Theft Auto games for its Definitive Edition, the collection still isn't on Steam. More evidence that a Steam launch is coming has appeared via a bundle added on the platform's back end, hinting that the imminent arrival of the GTA Trilogy's Definitive Edition is coming soon.

Discovered and highlighted by videotech_ on Twitter, the screenshot in the tweet below shows the three games have been bundled together in a Steam sub. Further evidence that the pieces are being put into place for the collection to be available on Steam soon. PC players have only been able to buy and play the game through the Rockstar Games Launcher so far.

The first major indicator that the GTA Trilogy was being prepped for Steam came via the aforementioned Rockstar launcher. Code added to the launcher implied the Definitive Edition will soon be available through both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Nothing yet, but when that eventually does happen, people will seemingly only be happy if its launch on new PC platforms comes with a hefty patch.

Unfortunately for Rockstar, the remastered GTA Trilogy is still, and will probably forever be, remembered for its problematic launch. If the studio launches the current versions of the game on Steam without making amendments, it will likely feel like experiencing the backlash that accompanied its initial launch all over again. Reviews can drive a game's popularity on Steam with a “mostly negative” tag being applied to a page if it gets a lot of bad feedback.

Although the GTA Trilogy hasn't remained untouched since launch, the collection of games is still far from perfect. On the bright side, you can actually see more than three feet in front of you when it's raining now, and CJ doesn't look like he has had a head transplant when maxed out. The collection is also supposed to be coming to mobile in 2023, but no word yet on exactly when that will be.

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