Age of Calamity: How To Find All Korok Seeds In The Great Hyrule Forest

Hyrule Forest is a magical place, inhabited by creatures called the Koroks. They are little leafy buddies who present you with a gift anytime you find them: a Korok Seed. Fans were familiar with them from Breath of the Wild and were pleased to discover them in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, too.

Korok Seeds are purposefully tricky to discover, but they’re also a necessary resource for certain challenges. This guide will walk you through getting every Korok Seed in the Great Hyrule Forest and the easiest way to grab them all in a row. The related story quest is entitled: “Freeing Korok Forest.”

Crate Pile Korok Seed

The very first Korok seeds are easy. As soon as you load into the mission, turn around and look for a pile of crates behind you. Smash them open to free the Korok inside!

Right-Hand Torch Korok Seed

Then, follow Hestu forward a little but turn right instead of left. There will be a little flower there, next to the torch, where a Korok is hiding!

First Secret Tree Path Korok Seed

Now you can head over to Hestu on the other side and he’ll reveal a secret path through a hollowed-out tree. Before you progress through it, check the right-hand side of it for a Korok pinwheel!

Guarding The Outpost Korok Seed

Continue to follow Hestu. He’ll proceed west and then north. Before turning right and heading back east, look for the closed-off outpost at the end of the path. Right in front of it, you’ll find a Korok pinwheel!

Southern Path Korok Seed

Instead of following Hestu and the other heroes, keep heading east. Along this strip, you’ll find a short, dead-end path going south. A Fire Wizzrobe will greet you at the intersection. Head to the end of that little path and a Korok flower will be awaiting you in front of a log gate.

Northern Path Korok Seed

Continue east to find a second path jutting off – but north this time! At the end of this northern path is another closed-off outpost. In front of it, you can find the Korok pinwheel.

Southeastern Korok Seed

From here, head down the path directly south of you. At the end of it, you’ll discover a Korok balloon. Pop it, and the Seed is yours!

Pre-Boss Korok Seed

Now you can feel free to switch to one of the other heroes who has been following Hestu. Before you reach the centre of the map, where the Stalnox battle spawns, check your left-hand side for a Korok flower. If you’ve already prompted the Stalnox battle to begin, no worries – just turn around quickly and grab it!

Stalnox-Protected Korok Seed

There will be another Korok flower in the area directly north of the part where you fought the Stalnox, on the right-hand side as you pass through.

Malice-Guarded Korok Seed

Follow Hestu some more. Upon discovering the malice blocking your path, much more of the map will become available. Directly north, there’s an outpost marked (but not one of the ones targeted by your quest). You can reach it by going east and then north. Capture the outpost there and pass through it further north. There’s a Korok flower there, on the right-hand side of the path!

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