FeetSaber Mod Makes You Play Beat Saber With Your Feet

The Beat Saber modding community is so vast at this point that it can be hard to keep up with some of its brilliant new additions. FeetSaber is one such example, getting you to play Beat Saber with your feet.

No, I don’t mean you have to handstand and slice away like you’re in Cirque Du Soleil (though I would pay to see that); FeetSaber turns the VR sensation into a nostalgic return to the days of the dance mat.

Released a while back from Beat Saber vTuber/modder NALULUNA, the tweak sticks the game’s iconic sabers to your feet and makes the floating red and blue blocks skim the floor, ready for you to essentially stamp on. It works by attaching the given headset’s controllers (or Vive Trackers, if you’re on SteamVR) to your feet and ends up turning the game into a sort of VR Dance Dance Revolution clone.

The mod’s seen some updates of late; someone just got it running on Quest 2 (albeit via a Link cable) too.

Beat Saber mods remain a compelling reason to try out Beat Games’ hit on PC, where it’s significantly easier to adapt the game than on Quest or PSVR.

FeetSaber, meanwhile, is part of a collection of mods from Naluluna that you can download right here. We’ve also got a full guide on installing custom mods right here. Will you be checking out FeetSaber? Let us know in the comments below!


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