Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania Raises More Questions About Zack Scene

The mystery of Zack’s fate in Final Fantasy VII Remake has been made even more unclear by comments made in the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania guide.

At the end of Final Fantasy VII Remake, there is a scene where Zack’s last stand from the end of Crisis Core is shown. The members of Avalanche manage to defy the Arbiters of Fate and carve out a new path for themselves, which means they are no longer bound to the story of Final Fantasy VII. When they leave Midgar, there is a moment where Aerith witnesses Zack returning to Midgar with an injured Cloud, but they both vanish.

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There is currently some division among the Final Fantasy VII Remake fans over the meaning of this scene. There are some fans who believe that Zack is still alive in the new timeline, but has gone into hiding for some reason, while others think that Aerith had a glimpse at a different timeline and that Zack is still dead. The Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania is available in Japan and aitaikimochi on Twitter has been translating segments into English. Zack’s profile has added fuel to the fire of the “Zack Lives” theory, as he’s talked about in both the past and present tense in the text.

There is another segment of the book that seems to support the multiple timeline theory. In this part, it suggests that Zack exists in another timeline, as the version of Stamp the dog seen during the scene is different from the one that players have seen in Midgar throughout the game. The book also questions how Cloud acquire the Buster Sword if Zack is still alive.

It seems that the developers want to keep fans guessing about Zack’s fate for the next few years, or however long it takes for the next Final Fantasy VII Remake game to be released. Did Zack survive that fateful battle against the Shinra army at the end of Crisis Core or are Square Enix just gut-punching the long-time fans of the series? We won’t know for sure until the sequel is released.

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