Fortnite 12.20 update data appears in game files, suggests new patch incoming

Fortnite players have been a little starved of content for the past few months – the drip-feed of new things to do, new cosmetics to unlock, new challenges to master has slowed down somewhat since the game was at its peak.

But now we're starting to see a more regular update cadence resume in the game (though, with the coronavirus outbreak, we don't know how long we can expect that to last).

Though Epic has yet to reveal when the next Fortnite patch will arrive, we at least know it's very close to a release.

"V12.20 has been added to the staging api! Expect the update in the following days!" says a tweet from FNLeaksAndInfo on Twitter .

If previous updates are anything to go by, the Fortnite 12.20 patch could be released on March 17th, 18th, or 19th – Epic has rolled out updates on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays recently.

If the patch is a decent size, you can expect a little downtime when it rolls out – maybe something in the region of an hour or two.

What will the patch contain? Well, as per the game's Trello board, Epic has confirmed the following issues have been acknowledged, and are being worked on.

General Issues

  • The Vault Banner does not show up in players' Locker.

Battle Royale Issues

  • At the end of a match, the "Return to Lobby," "Item Shop," and "Report Player" buttons may be unresponsive on controller.
  • Player markers are placed on the terrain behind buildings/structures players could be aiming at.
  • Players may get stuck inside the Porta Potty they end up in after using a Secret Passage.
  • We've seen an increase in reports of buildings and structures appearing low detail or loading in late in v12.10.
  • Players on PlayStation 4 may be unable to resume Auto-Sprint when they let go of the control stick after pushing it forward slightly left/right.
  • Players may be unable to place a trap if the trap icon hasn't finished loading.

Creative Issues

  • When placing the Yacht Prefab the rails on the front and back of the Yacht do not align with the rest of the Yacht.

Save the World Issues

  • The following Perks may not be properly applying to B.A.S.E: Electrified Floors, BASE MD, Frozen Castle.
  • Love lobber's poison cloud causes semi-permanent tick damage when walking into damage cloud after eliminating the beehive lobber.
  • Banner gadgets acting as respawn points disappear earlier than intended.
  • Retrieve the Data Missions will sometimes be unable to start normally which prevents players from progressing in the mission.

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