Fortnite Closes Out Season 4 With Epic Galactus Boss Battle Overcharged By AC/DC

From vacuuming its entire map into a black hole to hosting a bombastic live performance by Travis Scott himself, Fortnite is certainly no stranger to PR stunts of massive scope. The Galactus world-rending event, which closes out the fourth season of Fortnite’s second chapter and wrangles together nearly all of the most well-known Avengers, only amplified the battle royale’s already longstanding acclaim.

With the added dose of AC/DC, how could it ever fail?

Though not without a few hiccups, what with server issues causing some players to miss out on all the action, Galactus certainly put on a massive show for those in attendance. As players awaited the forthcoming bout on the Helicarrier, dancing to Drake and throwing water balloons as all Fortnite fans know best, the mighty Galactus was seen out looming in the distance behind a set of clouds, taunting the audience in his massive spectacle.

Kicking off the event, the planet-eating monstrosity warned players of its hunger, before swatting away the Helicarrier and prompting Iron Man to deliver jet packs to all in the vicinity. Tony Stark from then on became the player’s wingman, explaining what Galactus was doing and how best we could all come together to stop him. After being dragged into a wormhole of Galactus’ creation, placed at the very center of the Fortnite map, players were warped into their own individual Battle Busses and were thereby tasked with taking out small drones sent by Galactus.

The Galactus event no sooner turned into a cinematic thrill-ride, wherein players flew the battle bus through various obstacles while shooting down drones all under the brilliant sounds of AC/DC blasting at the highest volume. It was certainly a spectacle to behold and eventually ended with all of the various Battle Busses being vacuumed up by Galactus, exploding him from the inside out.

The only question that now remains is what’s next for Fortnite and its fifth season, which drops later Tuesday evening? As some leaks and rumors suggest, players could potentially see The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda come into the mix. It wouldn’t be the first time Epic partnered with the likes of Star Wars to deliver some truly otherworldly content and, who knows? Maybe fans will even get to see the likes of Ahsoka or other fan-favorite Jedi appear in the battle royale.

No matter what Season 5 may bring, topping that Galactus fight will certainly be a challenge.

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