Call of Duty Warzone mid-season update: Ten tips to dominate 80s Action Heroes event

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From new map locations, to weapons, game modes, and a handful of operators, Season Three of Call of Duty: Warzone has ushered in lots of exciting new additions.

However, nothing can match the excitement levels for the mid-season update, where two incredible ’80s Action Heroes crash the party.

One is John McClane, a New York cop who arrives at a holiday party turned hostage situation. He’s the hero of the Die Hard films, one of the most iconic action movie series of all time.

The other is Rambo, a man double-crossed while on a clandestine mission and left to fight on his own in Rambo: First Blood Part II, which continued to inspire countless action movies since its release in 1985.

Verdansk can be a gruelling place at the best of times, but with these two ’80s Action Heroes appearing across the map you’ll need all the intel you can get to ensure you have the greatest chance of survival.

To celebrate the release of the mid-season update, the Call of Duty team has provided Express Online with ten top tips to dominate the opposition in Warzone.

1. To scavenge or not to scavenge

The areas that make up the far northwest side of Verdansk is away from many major points of interest outside of Gora Summit, making them hidden gems for finding untouched Supply Boxes, which allows players to raise money quickly to acquire early loadout drops or a reserve to respawn teammates back into Verdansk.

2. An unexpected vantage point over Verdansk Central

The TV Station area is on natural high ground. Although it isn’t as mountainous as Verdansk North, this section of Central Verdansk, can still provide an elevated vantage point, especially if you sit at the top the TV Station or the Comms Tower… Just mind those sniping from the Radar Array behind you!

3. Contextual Clues

Pay close attention to your HUD… when your HUD flashes red, it means you are taking damage; the direction of where these red flashes come from indicate where you are taking damage from. Use this to take proper cover and call out enemies.

4. Not all Tactical Equipment does damage

Whether it’s creating a billowing smoke cloud, messing with enemy radar, healing yourself up, or providing recon, tactical equipment do far more than just flash or blind enemies.

Radar is very useful early game, with only a handful of players having equipped Ghost by this point, whereas flash/stun grenades are more useful in the final circle due to the higher probability of causing damage in a smaller area.

Try out all the tactical equipment and see how they can be best used in Warzone

5. Don’t be afraid of heights

Parachuting during a Warzone match can allow you to cover ground quickly or take massive drops without fear of death. Whether you are on top of the Summit, a skyscraper, or a broadcast tower, don’t be afraid to take the plunge, open the chute, and soar through the air.

This can benefit you when avoiding enemies and trying to gain new ground.

6. Rooftop hopping

With multiple staircases and ladders, the Train Station has one of the largest and most accessible roof areas in Verdansk. Use it to either snipe enemies within the train yard, or those wandering around the Barakett Promenade.

7. Trans-Verdanskian Highway

If you have a vehicle, the Verdansk Highway system leads to nearly every major area on the map. If you don’t, it may be wise to avoid the highways and proceed on foot on the dirt trails, gullies, or through dense forests, as you may be a sitting duck if you decide to play in highway traffic.

8. Shopping Spree

The skyscrapers may command your attention, but there are plenty of items to be found in the smaller apartments and shops in Downtown.

Don’t be afraid to stay at the ground level; you may just find what you need to complete your loadout.

9. Do your rounds in the Hospital

The entire Hospital has an incredibly dense interior section. Search every wing, ward, and even bathroom for items. And be prepared for close-quarters combat, which these interior spaces encourage.

Guns such as the FFAR and DMR are very effective in close quarters combat situations.

10. Don’t forget your match bonus!

Thinking of abandoning your squad early before everyone has been eliminated? Then you will lose out on your match bonus, a serious amount of XP given to those who stick around until they are truly eliminated. Don’t be a rage quitter; stay in the match and collect your bonus!

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