Fortnite iPhone workaround could happen thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now

With Fortnite still banned from the Apple store, mobile players may be able to return to the game thanks to Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

The lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple is set to continue well into next year, which means Fortnite isn’t coming back to the Apple store any time soon.

Earlier this year, the game was banned by Apple due to Epic attempting to circumvent Apple’s 30% pay cut of in-game sales.

However, it’s possible that a workaround is coming, which would allow people to play Fortnite via their mobile devices again.

According to the BBC, Nvidia’s own cloud gaming service, Nvidia GeForce Now, is currently being developed to run in Safari, Apple’s own web browser.

Fortnite is available on GeForce Now and since Apple doesn’t restrict third-party services from running in Safari, this could be how those who initially played Fortnite on their Apple devices can return to the game.

At the present time, though, this is only a theory. It’s possible that Apple is aware of this potential exploit and will request that Nvidia remove Fortnite from its service, at least on mobile.

Nvidia has had to remove games before. Near the beginning of the year, it dropped the entirety of its library of Activision Blizzard games.

A spokesperson also issued this statement to the BBC: ‘Fortnite is not confirmed for GeForce Now on platforms beyond PC, Mac and Android.’

It’s not necessarily a de-confirmation, but it very much suggests that conversations are taking place behind the scenes.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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