GAME offering FREE FIFA 22 code with Xbox Series S console

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Last week saw the latest entry in EA’s hugely popular FIFA series released. And to mark the big FIFA 22 launch high-street retailer GAME is offering a mega money-saving deal. Right now GAME is bundling in a free FIFA 22 code with purchases of the Xbox Series S console.

That means you can pick up an Xbox Series S and a FIFA 22 code right now for £249.99. On the Microsoft Store a copy of FIFA 22 for the Xbox Series S is priced at £69.99. That’s a huge saving that the GAME deal offers, and also means Xbox fans have something to play on their shiny new console from day one.

Free FIFA 22 code with Xbox Series S console

FIFA 22 is out now – and to mark the huge release date GAME is running an incredible deal. A free code for the hit new footie game from EA is available with purchases of Xbox Series S consoles from GAME. On the Microsoft Store the standard edition of FIFA 22 is priced at £69.99.

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Xbox Series X and S consoles

GAME has been one of the best places to purchase a next-gen console in 2021. Right now GAME has plenty of Xbox Series S consoles in stock. When Xbox Series X stock is available GAME has a range of purchase options available, including bundles and the Series X with All Access – which lets Xbox gamers spread out the cost of the next-gen console with monthly payments.

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Pay as little as £84.99 for Xbox Series S and FIFA 22

GAME is running a trade-in programme that lets you pay as little as £84.99 for an Xbox Series S console a copy of FIFA 22. Depending on what console you trade-in, you can pay between £84.99 and £169.99 for an Xbox Series S console and a FIFA 22 code.

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