Genshin Impact 1.2 Will Give You Free Summons For Ascending Characters

Banner summons are hard to come by in Genshin Impact, but a recent post from Mihoyo details an exciting change on the horizon. You’re getting free pulls for ascending characters in update 1.2, and the change accounts for characters already ascended before the patch.

It’s hard out there to come by a five-star character, and scavaging for primogems for summons can be a lengthy process if you don’t know exactly where to look. It seems Mihoyo is acknowledging as much and showing us a little sympathy in their latest Developer Discussion. Travelers that are dutiful about upgrading their team through ascension will now see the fruits of their labor continue to pay off by receiving one Acquaint Fate every time they ascend a character at levels 20, 50, and 70. You’ll also get the Acquaint Fates for characters already ascended too. Hopefully, that means you have tons of wishes on the horizon.

Acquaint Fates can only be used on the standard banner, so you won’t be able to chase new, limited characters as they’re released. That may feel a little bad, but there are plenty of five-star characters available in the standard pull like Jean, Qiqi, Keqing, Mona, and even Diluc, who happens to be one of the most sought-after characters in the game. Character ascension is pretty easy at level 20, but when you approach later levels like 50 and 70 the material requirements become tougher.  It may be worth quickly boosting even your unplayed party members to 20, just to have another shot at wishing.

It’s hard to top news on free summons, but there were several other noteworthy details from Mihoyo in the post too. Patch 1.2 will bring a new private chat function, so you no longer have to spam join requests to your friends without knowing if they’re available. Trackable map pins are also coming, you’ll be able to follow places you’ve marked on the map without opening and closing it over and over with the new change.

The welcomed quality of life updates continue in the form of changes to domains, gone are the days you have to leave and re-enter. In 1.2, you’ll be able to just hit repeat. It’s also a bit of a pain to collect your own loot, so Mihoyo will be adding an auto pickup function that directly drops spoils right into your inventory after completing a domain or any ley lines fight.

We’ve seen some leaks on what to expect in Genshin Impact’s 1.2 update. It’s just around the corner, so hopefully, we’ll see some of these changes accompany the patch at launch on December 23.

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