Genshin Impact: Electroculus Locations On Tsurumi Island, Inazuma

There are 181 electroculi to be found in Genshin Impact, so we don't blame you if you haven't been able to find them all on your own. To break down all the mapping into a more digestible size, we've narrowed the focus island by island, so today, we have our sights set on Tsurumi Island down in the southern region.

Between climbing, gliding, and utilizing plenty of electrogranum, there's a number of tricks to obtaining the electroculi scattered across the island. But, don't fret. We've taken the time to walk you through every one.

Electroculus Locations on Tsurumi Island

1 You can spot this one under an old archway by facing the Statue of The Seven from the arena.
2 This electroculus sits over the large pillar stone here. You can glide to it from another cliff.
3 This electroculus sits on a small grass-covered rock at the bottom of a little waterfall between two cliffs.
4 An electroculus sits at the top of the tallest upright rock at this location.
5 You'll need to use an Electrogranum to get through the barrier at this location and reach the electroculus tucked back in the niche in the wall.
6 There's an electroculus hovering above a stone structure at this location.
7 This electroculus is hovering over a stone archway. You can reach it by gliding from one of the ledges behind the arches.
8 You'll need to cross the electro-barrier to access this electroculus.
9 This electroculus hangs beneath a stone underpass. You can reach it easiest by jumping down and gliding under the stones.
10 Under the peak of an ornate stone archway. Grab it easiest by jumping and gliding from the side of the archway.
11 This one sits in a narrow archway naturally carved in the stone.
12 This electroculus is hovering above a large upright stone within the cavern. Jump and glide to reach the stone.
13 Glide down from one of the surrounding cliffs to grab this electroculus suspended above the little hut.
14 Drop down and glide just beneath the rocks to find the electroculus tucked up in the heights of this rocky alcove.
15 This electroculus is easily accessible on the stone terrace in this location.
16 This electroculus hovers above a patch of shrubbery on a tall pillar stone.
17 Use the electro-charged shrub and Electrogranum in this location to zip zap up to the electroculus.
18 There's an electroculus found hovering on the ground near a grass-covered stone platform.
19 This electroculus is an easy grab from the center of the pool here.
20 Use the electrogranum from the grassy cliff to zap out over the water and grab this electroculus.
21 Use the Phase Gate to zap across the divide and grab this electroculus.
22 Glide into the lower level of the stone chamber here to grab the electroculus suspended in the middle.
23 Use an Electrogranum to reveal the opening in the wall and grab the electroculus in the hidden room.
24 Use the Electrogranum to get through the barrier and reach this electroculus.
25 Grab the electroculus hovering above the electrogranum out in the shallows.
26 You can reach this electroculus by dropping off of the ledge next to another dead charged shrub. The orb will be on a small landing between other rocks along with an electro-charged stone.
27 Use the Electrogranum to follow the star trail over to the opposite peaks and glide over to the electroculus.
28 Jump into the cavern, then glide to the center formation where an electroculus is stashed near the top.
29 Jump off the cliff and drop straight down to grab this electroculus.
30 Heading to the isles north of Tsurumi Island, there's an electroculus on the main island suspended under the ledge of a large pillar stone.

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