Genshin Impact: Every Elemental Boss And How To Kill Them

The world of Teyvat is packed with monsters in Genshin Impact. While some of these monsters are smaller encounters, there are a select few that are considered bosses within the game. There are currently seven boss enemies, all of which give out a unique elemental ascension item that players will need to finish raising the level of their character to 90.

Players should expect to fight bosses regularly, and depending on their team, they may find themselves stuck fighting the same enemy several times a week. This guide is here to help players understand the boss fights and win.


The Oceanid is perhaps the most infamous boss in the game. Instead of fighting it head-on, the creature summons water minions to battle the player. These creatures are made of water, so hydro attacks will not work and will even heal the boar enemies. Here are the minions summoned by the Oceanid:

  • Boar – Charges players and heals when attacked with or standing in water.
  • Crane– Heals enemies but has low health.
  • Squirrel – It attacks nearby opponents and can also heal from water sources.
  • Finch – Performs a jump attack with high damage and a large AoE area.
  • Frog – Can shoot water and ram into and tackle close by opponents; it explodes hydro damage when killed.
  • Crab – Spawns in pairs and has quick sideways movement. It will continuously move around the player while shooting a beam of bubbles.
  • Mallard  Summons a hydro vortex and follows the player.
  • Raptor – Summons in pairs of three and will swoop down quickly from the air to attack players. Must be killed with a bow or catalyst user.

For Oceanid, the best strategy is to use cryo and electro as a combo. Bow users like Fischl, Ganyu, and Diona are highly recommended. Enemies automatically have the hydro effect applied, so performing reactions is easy. The Oceanid will also sink platforms over time, but this isn’t a huge issue as the battlefield is still quite large.

Regisvines – Pyro & Cryo

Regisvines are pretty easy to deal with as long as you put together a proper team. The Regisvine will be extremely resistant to damage at first, but attacking the corolla of the plant will stun them, causing them to fall to the ground. The corolla appears in two spots on the bottom of the plant and then in the middle of the flower. These two positions switch back and forth in the match, with the first always forming on the bottom.

Regisvines deal elemental damage, so it’s best to counter with elements that they are weak against and react to. Unlike the Oceanid, the Regisvine won’t automatically have an element applied. Here are some characters to take into each Regisvine fight:


  • Fischl
  • Tartaglia
  • Barbara
  • Xingqiu
  • Ganyu
  • Diona
  • Lisa
  • Mona


  • Amber
  • Diluc
  • Lisa
  • Xiangling
  • Razor
  • Fischl
  • Klee
  • Xinyan

Both plants will attack by doing close-range spin attacks, slamming their face into the ground to send out an elemental wave, and shooting elemental lasers. The cryo plant has a nasty move where it circles the field with a large cryo laser, while the pyro plant sends out homing missiles and bombs. It’s best to attack the corolla with catalysts and bow users while standing at a distance to avoid attacks.

Occasionally, they will both summon an attack that summons circles on the ground that will chase players around. Keep moving to dodge these and when you finally stun the Regisvine, use a powerful hitter to attack.

Hypostasis – Electro, Anemo, & Geo

Hypostasis cubes are generally the easiest type of boss to deal with. While each one of them has its different attack methods, the idea behind defeating them is the same. Wait until the center of the cube is exposed and then attack it as much as possible. Each Hypostasis has attacks that involve charging the player with wide AoE attacks and sending blocks hurling at them.


The electro starts off by changing forms into multiple objects and charging at players; this is easy to dodge. It also has an attack where the core centers itself and uses the cubes to make a rotating batch of razors. To combat this and the similar cube wave attack, run to the middle of the field and attack the core. There is also a move that can trap the player in an electro circle, running out of any circles that form beneath you.

At the end of its life, it will summon three diamonds, hit them with elemental damage to defeat them. Each remaining diamond will help to restore the Hypostasis health.


The Anemo Hypostasis uses several air-based attacks that will be familiar to anemo fans. It can summon tornados onto the field or cyclones that will try to pull the player in and hurl them into the air. It can also grow wings to fly high into the air and shoot its cubes at the player.

Along with this, it also can throw missiles and make a close-range clapping attack like the electro version. These are all simple to dodge by ensuring that you keep moving. Once the Hypostasis is almost out of HP, wind currents will appear on the field along with anemo sigils in the air. Quickly glide around to collect the sigils as this is what the Hypostasis will use to heal itself.


The Geo Hypostasis can be the most annoying of the bunch for those who come unprepared. This enemy summons towers that it stays on top of while hurling cubes at the player. The best strategy for this is to bring a bow user and claymore user to deal with the towers. During the last bit of the battle, the Geo Hypostasis can use the towers to regain health, so make sure to quickly destroy them all.

Primo Geovishap

The Primo Geovishap will take some time to defeat. The Geovishap hits incredibly hard regardless of world level and has several close-quarters and wider range AoE attacks. The best way to deal with him is by using a bow user to keep your distance. The Geovishap will occasionally go underground and charge at the player. To deal with this, let him get close enough to pop-up and then quickly run away.

Keep in mind that the Geovishap changes elements often, and before starting the fight, observe what color he is glowing. You should also add in a shield user to help make damage less critical during the match.

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