Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Thoma

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Genshin Impact’s Thoma is the housekeeper and a well-known ‘fixer’ of the Kamisato Clan. Born to Inazuman father and Monstadter mother, he is incredibly friendly and loyal. But when his friends and his Clan are threatened, he can be a deadly enemy.

Thoma is a Pyro polearm user, making him the third character with this combination. But his ability to provide a Pyro shield is what makes him unique. Just as he protects the Kamisato Clan from any calamity, he will keep your Party safe with his Pyro shield. Primarily he is a Support character, but he can also be used as a Sub-DPS if your party really needs it.

Thoma’s Fishing Passive Talent

Passive skills are a huge help when completing open-world objectives. When Thoma is in your party, you will have a 20 percent chance of getting double the amount of fish caught. The only drawback is that this is only applicable to the fishing spots located in Inazuma.

This is especially useful if you are grinding to obtain the 4-Star weapon ‘The Catch’ and its refinements. The Raimei Angelfish that is available only in one spot is particularly annoying. However, Thoma can make it slightly easier.

Thoma Constellations

Unlocking the constellations for Genshin Impact characters is always helpful. The constellations will buff the stats and their abilities making them stronger.

  • Constellation 1 – When a character shielded by Thoma is attacked, the cooldown for his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst is reduced by three seconds. This works for all characters except for Thoma.
  • Constellation 2 – The duration of his Elemental Burst, Crimson Ooyoroi, is increased by three seconds
  • Constellation 3 – Blazing Blessing max level increased by three and now reaches level 15.
  • Constellation 4 – Restores 15 energy after using Elemental Burst.
  • Constellation 5 – Crimson Ooyoroi max level increased by three and now reaches level 15.
  • Constellation 6 – After using Elemental Skill, the party's Normal, Charged, and Plunging attack is buffed by 15 percent for six seconds.

As you can see, Thoma’s first and second constellations are not that beneficial. But if you really like his playstyle or character design, then you can try to go for C4 or C6 Thoma.

Best Weapon for Thoma

There are a couple of different weapon choices for Thoma based on how he will be used in your party. This will also affect the artifacts that you will use.

  • Favonius Lance – If you want a Sub-DPS Thoma, the Favonius Lance is the way to go. It has a great attack stat and Energy Recharge as the bonus stat. Since Thoma has a high Energy requirement for his Elemental Burst, this polearm will help to increase the Energy Regeneration. When maxed out, it has 30.6 percent Energy Recharge and 565 base attack.
  • Pyro Shields Thoma – If you want to use Thoma solely for his Pyro shields, then you can use the 3-Star polearm ‘Black Tassel.’ It is the only polearm that has HP% as a bonus stat. Since Thoma’s Pyro shields are scaled based on his max HP, the Black Tassel is a great free-to-play option.

Best Artifacts for Thoma

Similar to weapon choice, Thoma’s artifact set and the main stat should be based on how you plan to use him. While HP% is recommended as the main stat, you can also use a Pyro damage bonus Goblet if you want a Sub-DPS Thoma.

You can use the 2-piece Tenacity of the Milelith as it has a set bonus that increases HP by 20 percent. It can be paired with the 2-piece Emblem of Severed Fate set for 20 percent Energy Recharge or the 2-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames for a 15 percent Pyro damage bonus.

How To Use Thoma’s Talents

When Thoma’s Elemental Skill, Blazing Blessing, is used, it will deal AoE Pyro damage and generates a Pyro shield. The shield's strength is scaled based on his max HP and can absorb 250 percent more Pyro damage. He also applies the Pyro element to himself cleansing any other detrimental effects.

The most interesting part about Thoma’s Pyro Shield or Blazing Barrier is that it is stackable. It means that after every time a new Blazing Barrier is obtained, the damage absorption from the previous Blazing Barrier will be stacked with the new one. So the ideal way to use Thoma is to use the Elemental Skill first and then use the Elemental Burst for maximum damage absorption.

When Thoma’s Elemental Burst, Scorching Ooyoroi, is used he deals AoE Pyro damage to surrounding enemies and creates a Blazing Barrier. If timed correctly, Thoma should have a stronger Pyro shield due to his Elemental Skill. His Elemental Burst is similar to Xingqiu’s Rainswords and deals Pyro damage every one second when using Normal Attacks. This stays in effect even after you switch him out.

Best Characters For Thoma

Thoma, being a Pyro support character, requires a strong main DPS to carry the actual team. One of the most popular Pyro DPS characters that benefits from Thoma’s buffs is the other Pyro Polearm user, Hu Tao. You can use a Hydro support character like Xingqiu for vaporize reactions. The last spot can be filled by any other Cryo or Anemo character for Melt or Swirl reactions respectively. You can make the changes based on the enemies that you will be fighting.

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