Get That Black PS5 You Wanted With PlateStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is finally coming to our living rooms in a matter of weeks. In fact, some gaming industry figures are already getting their consoles and teasing fans with photos. But in the rush to simply have one on launch day, many forgot one key issue with the PS5 – it only comes in white.

For a lot of PS5 owners, the color doesn’t matter. Nor do they care that we’ll probably get some kind of awesome God of War or Kingdom Hearts edition somewhere down the road. They just want to play already. But for others, the PS5 being white is unforgiveable. It’s just going to look so awkward next to its predecessors on the shelf. A company called PlateStation thinks the same, and took it upon itself to make custom faceplates for PS5.

It’s been confirmed that the PS5’s white faceplates are removable. One would think that Sony had plans for decorative plates in light of that, but nothing had been announced yet. PlateStation is filling that gap with the PlateStation 5 collection. These custom plates are not Sony-endorsed, but should snap on easily. They’re also set to be delivered within two weeks of the PS5 launch.

PlateStation 5 costs $39.99 and comes in black, red, blue, chromatic, and camo. They also offer free worldwide shipping so all PS5 owners can have the console color they actually wanted. Check out their site here and place an order now so you don’t have to look at the white PS5 for too long.

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