Get The Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Theme For Free (With One Catch)

Remember how Final Fantasy VII Remake had a bunch of special dynamic PS4 themes? There was one for pre-ordering, another for playing a demo, and then some weird Butterfinger one? Well now you can get the Butterfinger one free of charge… but it takes a little work.

Twisted Voxel notes that the theme is actually free to download now from the Japanese PlayStation store. No Butterfinger purchase is required, it’s just there. The catch is that, as of this writing, this free download is only on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

It’s honestly not that hard to make a Japanese account, but patient fans could also just wait. The candy bar promotion was a North American thing exclusively, but the Japanese availability hints that this contract may be over. It might just be a matter of days until the theme shows up on the North American and European stores.

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