Ghost Rider Reference Spotted In She-Hulk

A reference to Ghost Rider has been spotted in a She-Hulk featurette.

Just last week at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced a ton of different films coming to the MCU over the next few phases. Despite being one of the most requested and popular characters, one hero that didn't receive any kind of film or Disney Plus show announcement was Ghost Rider.

Although Ghost Rider doesn't seem to be getting his own adventure any time soon, that doesn't mean that the MCU is shying away from referencing him. Entertainment Tonight recently shared a She-Hulk featurette that has the cast talking about their experiences on the show, mixed in with several new bits of footage.

One clip from the featurette shows Wong on some kind of stage where he seems to be fighting some kind of small flying demons. Although that seems like it'd be the focal point, a sign on the left of the stage has everyone talking. It's tough to see very clearly, but the sign seems to show a motorcyclist wrapped in flame, with the second name on the poster clearly reading "Blaze", a clear reference to Ghost Rider.

Although it's clearly a reference to Ghost Rider, some are debating whether the poster says "Donny Blaze" or "Johnny Blaze", as the number of letters seems too small to say "Johnny". It's also not easy to see the figure featured on the poster, so if you were hoping for some kind of sneaky announcement as to who might be playing Johnny Blaze, you might have to wait until She-Hulk starts streaming.

For those who don't know, Johnny Blaze is the name of the first Ghost Rider, who started off as a motorbike stunt driver, before making a deal with the devil and becoming the penance staring skeletal figure we all know today. Interestingly, Ryan Gosling mentioned earlier this month that he'd be interested in playing Ghost Rider in the MCU, so perhaps we'll see the character introduced a bit sooner than we thought.

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