Gran Turismo 7 leaked by PlayStation Brazil, could be a PS4 game

For the second time this week, someone has leaked the existence of Gran Turismo 7 and this time Sony themselves is to blame.

In one of the weirdest ways possible, PlayStation Brazil has just confirmed that Gran Turismo 7 is real, just a few hours after the logo of the game was leaked by a peripheral maker.

We assume it’s not going to stay up for long but to make matters worse the tweet was incredibly banal and merely asked the question, in Portuguese, ‘Which of these games do you prefer to play on the living room sofa with someone?’

The choices were FIFA 20, Just Dance 2020 (how do you play that while sitting on the sofa?!), Knack 2, and… Gran Turismo 7.

Not only has Gran Turismo 7 never been announced by Sony but all the other games are PlayStation 4 titles, whereas it’s increasingly looking like Gran Turismo 7 must be a PlayStation 5 launch title.

It is possible it’s a PlayStation 4 game though, as Gran Turismo 6 was a PlayStation 3 exclusive – despite coming out a few weeks after the launch of the PlayStation 4.

There was no backwards compatibility back then but perhaps Sony is planning to use Gran Turismo 7 to demonstrate how much a PlayStation 4 game can be improved by playing it on the PlayStation 5.

Or maybe that’s giving too much credit to PlayStation Brazil and this is all just an enormous mistake.

The first leak was a peripheral maker who ‘accidentally’ created an ad with a Gran Turismo 7 logo in it and when it was pointed out the game hadn’t been announced yet they deleted the Instagram post and denied they had any inside knowledge about the game.

The odd wording of their denial wasn’t very convincing though and it now looks even more like they were trying to cover themselves for letting out a secret before they should.

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