No Man’s Sky: Waypoint Update Lets You Launch Rockets Into Space To Sell Items For You

No Man’s Sky’s big 4.0 update is called Waypoint, and it brings an enormous list of quality-of-life improvements to fans of one of the best space sims out there. There are new accessibility and difficulty options, more updated visuals, and a completely overhauled inventory system that massively increases your storage capacity. And of course, No Man’s Sky is out on the Nintendo Switch today with a few freebies for those new players that reach the Anomaly before November 7.

It’s the massive QOL overhaul that will be Waypoint's centerpiece. The new Custom Game Modes let you customize your No Man’s Sky experience to your personal preference, allowing you to increase or decrease settings for survival, crafting, ease of use, and combat. Dial up the space combat to be more frequent, or remove all fuel requirements for your items. The choice is yours.

There’s a new autosave feature that will save periodically rather than force players to return to their ship or carry around a save beacon (although you can still do both if you so choose). Inventory has been massively increased and there are new Tech slots to better manage your upgrades. Story records, crafting trees, Milestone Guidance, and a refreshed Catalog guide will keep newcomers on track and give veterans more information at a glance.

But the best new feature is easily the Trade Rocket. No more needing to dump your hard-earned inventory at the nearest trade station–just summon the Trade Rocket and launch your goods into space to automatically sell on the Galactic Trade Network.

As with most No Man’s Sky updates, a visual overhaul improves the Anomaly, planets, and regular old space travel to be all the more impressive. Survival Mode has been rebalanced to be tougher, and dynamic difficulty settings let you change everything on the fly.

There’s more, but you can check the full list in the patch notes. No Man’s Sky Waypoint is out now on all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

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