Who Is Mad Maggie In Apex Legends? Everything We Know About The Host Of War Games

Apex Legends’ War Games event is well underway now, and we’ve already dived into the game to try the Second Chance game mode, which sees you respawning once per game for free. But a lot of people are still asking a big question: who is Mad Maggie?

You can hear Mad Maggie’s voice as you start up the game, and she’s also the announcer in-game during the War Games event. She is very threatening and imposing, but the game doesn’t actually give you very much information about her.

In this guide we’re going to break down all of the latest information we have about Mad Maggie in Apex Legends, who she is, her affiliations, her impact on the game, and what we might see from her in the future.

Who Is Mad Maggie In Apex Legends?

Mad Maggie is Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy’s oldest friend, and perhaps rival. In Fuse’s introduction video and debut trailer, we see a dispute between the two turn violent, leaving Fuse without an arm. Fuse left Maggie on their home planet of Salvo, and she would never forgive him for it.

As Fuse was first entering the Apex Games, Mad Maggie decided to ruin his debut. During his entrance ceremony, Maggie took control of the ship Fuse rode in on, and turned the automated weapons on the audience.

Once that was done she detonated dozens of explosives, scarring the mark of Salvo into the mountains on Kings Canyon, and entirely blowing away the Northern section of the map, devastating Artillery and expanding the number of locations to explore, complete with the wreckage of Fuse’s ship.

Maggie wasn’t done with Fuse yet. Still outraged that he left Salvo for the Apex Games, she took control of the Apex Games with the War Games event. In the storyline for Season 8, Mad Maggie has ordered all of the legends to deliver her Fuse’s remaining arm, believing that to be the only way to make things right. At the time of writing we’re still waiting for the conclusion of Season 8’s story.

Mad Maggie Affiliations

  • Home Planet – Salvo
  • Relationship To Cast – Former friend of Fuse

Will We See More Mad Maggie In The Future Of Apex Legends?

This is pure speculation, but I’m going to say yes. Long time Apex Legends fans will remember the first Halloween event, which included voice-over from Revenant months before his proper reveal as an upcoming legend, and Mad Maggie would bring a dynamic to the cast that’s similar to Revenant and Loba.

Mind, the upcoming Season 9 has essentially been confirmed to be a love letter to Titanfall, and it just might come with the heavily rumoured Blisk, who has been mentioned in Apex Legends multiple times. After that though, it’s entirely imaginable that we might see Mad Maggie enter the Apex Games as an explosive counterpoint to Fuse.

I won’t even begin to speculate on what Maggie’s abilities could be, but there’s still plenty of unique mechanics and ideas yet to be fully utilised between the worlds of Titanfall and Apex Legends.

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