GTA 6 insider fuels rumours that Rockstar easter egg is from the next GTA game

Earlier this year Rockstar confirmed that GTA 6 was in “active development”, but for now it remains unclear exactly how far along the game could be.

We would certainly imagine that the game has been in development for some time already and hasn't just started this year. Otherwise the GTA 6 release date could be 2028+ at this rate.

But there's new evidence that suggests the game has been in development for quite some time, and one Rockstar insider has recently confirmed that an image found by fans in November 2021 is actually from GTA 6.

For those who don't know, late last year Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. This was a remastered collection of the classics, including GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas.

However fans spotted something odd in the remastered version of San Andreas.

Inside the “Lil Probe In” coffee shop there’s a wall which features several pictures of UFO sightings, and on the wall you'll notice various locations from GTA 5, and Red Dead Redemption.

But then there's also one picture, which has seemingly no place and fans can't work out where it's from. It certainly doesn't seem to be from a Rockstar Games' game.

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This led to some wild theories that this picture (seen above) is from GTA 6, and that it also tallies with longstanding rumours that the game will be set in Miami.

GTA Forums user igrobar then also managed to track down a real-life house in Boca Raton (located just north of Miami) that looks exactly like the house in the picture.

“Rockstar is known for reimagining real-life buildings inside its fictional cities,” explained IGN‘s Joe Skrebels in a news post at the time.

More recently, Rockstar insider Matheusvictorbr has claimed that the image is from GTA 6, and that sources have confirmed this to him.

“After a few months, I have confirmed that this image is from the next title in the Grand Theft Auto series,” they say. “The location in-game is inspired by an American suburb, in the vicinity of Hollywood, Florida.”

Earlier this year, GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive revealed a big clue in its new financial report that GTA 6 could have an early 2024 release date.

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