Harvest Moon: Mad Dash Finally Available On iOS and Android

After a long waiting period, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is finally available for mobile iOS and Android devices. It was previously released for PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 back in October 2019.

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash, the latest installment in the popular Harvest Moon farming simulator video games, is a bit more casual compare to past titles. The farming simulator elements are still there, but this time players must fulfill customer orders with a set time, making it a more face-paced (and to be honest, more mobile-friendly) version of the popular and beloved Harvest Moon game fans might be familiar with.

Players will have to be efficient when harvesting fish, milk, and other produce in order to complete tasks by the time limit. However, moving quickly is not the only concern, as players will have to maneuver around a variety of obstacles impeding their movements (such as molten hot lava and angry boars) to make it in time.

The game’s launch trailer, originally released back in October when the game dropped for console devices, displays some features from the game, including the adorable graphics, cheery soundtrack, and fast-paced gameplay mobile players can look forward to upon downloading.

Players will also get a chance to explore the game’s vast map, full of exciting locations, from farms and beaches, to even more intriguing options, such as the “Underworld” and “Skyworld.” Each new location will help towards each player’s goal of restoring a broken lighthouse.

As players progress, they’ll also come across Harvest Sprite powers that can unlock support skills to assist players on more difficult levels. Though players must complete their task to beat a level, they’ll also receive a rating (anywhere from one to three stars) on their game performance. The support skills gained can help push ratings from a one-star rating to a three-star one.

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is now available for iOS devices through the App Store and for Android devices through Google Play. It retails at $4.99, as it is a premium game. It is also still available for PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The game currently retails for $19.99 for console devices.

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