Hideo Kojima and Junji Ito hint at video game horror game collaboration


Hideo Kojima has already discussed tackling the horror genre with a new game, and he may have brought in horror artist Junji Ito to help.

Director Hideo Kojima’s latest game, Death Stranding, is currently enjoying a new audience with its recent PC release, but it seems Kojima has already moved on to his next project.

It’s almost impossible to predict what sort of game Kojima could create next, though he has suggested in the past that he will make some kind of horror title.

That’s looking more likely now as he has apparently been having talks with horror manga writer and artist Junji Ito about working on such a game.

In an interview with Viz Media, Ito revealed that Kojima has invited him to work on a new horror title, but details are vague, with Ito’s words implying that any collaboration between the two is only a possibility at the moment.

‘I do know director Kojima and we have been in conversation that he may have a horror-based game that he may be doing, and so he has invited me to work on that, but there are no details on it yet.’

Ito has become famous for his horror-themed manga work, with stories such as The Enigma Of Amigara Fault, in which mysterious, human-shaped holes are discovered in the side of a mountain, with people finding themselves compelled to enter the holes and disappearing within.

One of his more famous works, Uzumaki, is a series about a city plagued by a curse that involves spirals, and is receiving an anime adaptation next year.

It wouldn’t be surprising for the two to be working together, as both of them were involved with the now cancelled Silent Hills several years ago.

This could also revitalise rumours that Kojima is working on a new Silent Hill game for Konami, but he has insisted that those rumours are false.

However, rumours insist that a new Silent Hill is happening regardless. Twitter user and leaker AestheticGamer has repeatedly claimed that it will be announced this year, possibly as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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