Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.03 Fixes Snow Deformation And More

Horizon Zero Dawn’s latest PC patch makes snow look more like snow and also fixes a bunch of crash issues.

Guerrilla Games is making steady progress on all the bugs that came with Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC port. Crashes, poor framerate, and other bizarre graphical issues were common complaints when Horizon Zero Dawn released on Steam earlier this month and have led to Steam users providing it with a mixed review score.

But to their credit, Guerrilla Games has listened to those Steam users and implemented a plan of attack to fix Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. Two weeks ago, Guerrilla Games added a diagnostic tool that would help them track down problems while also providing more detailed hardware specs to see what might be causing these pesky bugs. And now with the latest 1.03 update, more of those bugs are getting squashed.

The big fixes in 1.03 are various situations that would cause Horizon Zero Dawn to flat-out crash, such as when the AI aims at an invalid position or when the player moves the active game window from one monitor to another (something that wouldn’t normally happen on the original PlayStation 4). The dreaded crash on startup problem–which often led to negative Steam reviews–has finally been fixed, so those suffering from that bug can finally actually play the game.

Patch 1.03 also fixes some more amusing bugs, such as strange snow deformation in the Frozen Wilds or an issue that would keep Aloy in child form even after transitioning to the adult section of the game.

Graphical improvements have also been made, with 4K resolution scaling now displaying correctly. But some graphics issues remain, such as Anisotropic Filtering or HDR not working correctly for some players and some hardware configurations still causing problems with stuttering and poor frame rate.

That said, there’s been a vast improvement to Horizon Zero Dawn over the past three weeks, and we’re certain that Guerrilla Games will eventually get to fixing these remaining issues as well.

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