Horizon Zero Dawn: Where To Find All Ancient Vessels

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Horizon Zero Dawn is stunning. Its open world is rich with environmental beauty, from jungles and rivers to deserts and tundra. Danger lurks everywhere Aloy travels, all the more insidious for threatening the peace in a place so pretty.

Eye candy isn't the only reason to take your time exploring this game's epic realm. Scattered throughout the war-torn frontier are all sorts of collectibles. Many of these are worth the extra legwork, including the Ancient Vessels. There are exactly a dozen Ancient Vessels out there just waiting to be found, and exchanging them in sets of four with a Meridian merchant named Studious Palas will net Aloy three Palas' Reward Boxes filled with valuable goodies.

These treasures tend to be worth the effort, with several hundred shards and rare upgrades all packaged in nicely and neatly. As with the rest of Horizon Zero Dawn's collectibles, locating them is no great strain; it's simply a matter of time expenditure that some players aren't in love with — "busy work," as they say. If you'd rather know precisely where to go to get your money's worth in rewards, read on for every Ancient Vessel location in the game.

Set 1 Ancient Vessels

Since Studious is so serious about accepting these mysterious artifacts (that are obviously coffee mugs, but hush) in batches of four, we'll oblige by listing every Ancient Vessel on a set-by-set basis.

Vessel Name Location Tips
Faro West of Meridian There's a Sawtooth site between two campsites on the western way out from Meridian. Among the brick buildings in the area, one has a thick braid of rope tied by its roof. Faro is within this building.
Arches Sacred Lands Locate the Devil's Thirst Ruins. A river runs nearby to the south, so cross it and look for a battered wall left standing rather conspicuously beside the water. Arches is in front of the wall.
Dronehop Sacred Lands Speaking of thirsty devils, head toward the Devil's Thirst Bandit Camp. Ever so slightly westward, Dronehop can be found beside a rock.
Wayfarers Sacred Lands A grassy road runs eastbound of the Devil's Thirst Bandit Camp. Search the road's edges and you'll soon find Wayfarers ripe for the dirt-plucking.

Set 2 Ancient Vessels

Vessel Name Location Tips
Miriam Sacred Lands Near the easternmost edge of the world map, head southwest of Devil's Grief Ruins. There's a campsite conveniently located in this exact area. A pair of destroyed houses can be found due north. Search between them for Miriam.
USRC Sacred Lands Travel back to the aforementioned Devil's Grief campsite. Start moving west a ways; you'll eventually come across a sizable billboard. There's a ruined structure beside it housing USRC.
KZ Sacred Lands Once again, make good use of that Devil's Grief campsite. To the south, the chassis of an old car rests beside a small building. KZ is inside the building.
Sterling-Malkeet The Sundom To the map's far northwest lies the Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp. You'll have to brave its fierce occupants to retrieve Sterling-Malkeet.

Set 3 Ancient Vessels

Vessel Name Location Tips
Odyssey Sun Furrows From the Dimmed Bones Ruins, head east. At the center of a large pit, Odyssey awaits its taking.
Metallurgic The Sundom Deep within the snow-covered flats, not so far from Sterling-Malkeet, make your way to the nearest campsite and explore the Maker's End Ruins.
Jomei Sun Furrows Jomei rests on the western edge of the map. Find the Dimmed Bones beside one of the local rivers, searching the perimeter of a wrecked house.
Thunderheads The Sundom It's a straight shot north from Maker's End. Of all the buildings you see, the very largest among them is where you'll espy this final mug.

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