How To Unlock Every Bottlecap Shortcut In The Overworld In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is an FPS fantasy game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. And, as many Dungeons and Dragons fans know, miniatures make the entire experience more immersive for everybody. Keeping with this tradition, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands features an "Overworld" – essentially, the game board full of miniatures.

Despite the fact that it seems like just a way to go from one map to another, it has its very own secrets to discover. One challenge here encourages you to find and knock over all the Bottlecap Shortcuts (the tops to pop bottles that have been placed on the board) to get easier access to certain areas. In this article, we'll tell you how to reach them all.

1 – The Easy One

If you're reading this guide, you've probably already earned this Bottlecap Shortcut. You unlock it right after entering the Overworld for the first time, and it leads to the entire rest of the map.

2 – The Orange Crush River Bridge

Right upon entering the Overworld, you can access this Bottlecap Shortcut by going through the Dungeon depicted above and coming out the other side.

3 – Brighthoof-Adjacent

This Bottlecap Shortcut is reached once you've completed the Queen's Gate main quest and saved Brighthoof, emerging on the other side. Then just follow the river to the Bottlecap and give it a smack!

4 – Seaweed Shortcut

This Bottlecap Shortcut becomes visible after the 'Emotion of the Ocean' quest, when you enter what used to be the ocean! It's simple to access; you just need to walk up to it. It's next to the Seaweed Dungeon that you need to visit for the quest that allows you to access the Wargtooth Shallow map.

5 – Dungeon-Pass Shortcut

Again, this Shortcut is visible after the ocean is emptied. Go through the Dungeon you can see in the image above to reach the other side of this pass, and melee the Bottlecap from there.

6 – Transitionary Invisible Bridge

To get to this Bottlecap Shortcut, you first need to be able to cross the invisible bridges in the map by completing the 'Lens of the Deceiver' quest. The invisible bridge you need to cross is marked on the map above.

Once that's done, follow the hill up to the Bottlecap Shortcut at the top, into the grassy plains near Brighthoof!

7 – Shortcut To Pirates

You can reach this Bottlecap Shortcut after going through the Drowned Abyss and The Godswell maps. Then, just take the blowing geyser across the gap and knock down the Bottlecap to get a shortcut to Crackmast Cove.

8 – Sunny Oasis

To reach this Bottlecap Shortcut, you need to progress through the main quest until you've completed the Karnok's Wall map and exited into the Overworld on the other side. From there, head straight ahead, then left, to reach the Oasis.

To get up to the Bottlecap Shortcut, you'll need to go through the nearby Dungeon, which has a Shrine Piece inside. Once you've finished, just knock the thing over and give yourself a pat on the back!

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