ICO Remastered Soundtrack Now Available On Spotify

The PlayStation 2 classic Ico is celebrating 20 years of hand-holding this year. To honor the 20th anniversary, the game’s soundtrack has been remastered and placed on Spotify for fans to delve back into the sounds of Fumito Ueda’s classic. Plus, the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu has published a great write-up on the game offering tributes from top game designers.

The newly remastered soundtrack on Spotify brings back all the sounds of Ico as never heard before. Now, you can immerse yourself into the sounds of Ico’s journey as he attempts to lead Yorda out of their prison. This soundtrack, which offers 16 tracks from the game, brings the game’s often understated music center stage. It is the perfect companion for any fan of the game and is available now.

Along with the Spotify release, Famitsu has published an article where top game designers offer their thoughts on Ico and how it influenced their careers. Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann calls Ico “a true masterpiece in the history of video games." He went on to say that, “The central mechanics and the design of the puzzles create a sense of bonding that can only be experienced in a video game…[It] is a source of inspiration and my favorite game of all time.”

Smash Bros’ director Masahiro Sakurai also gushed about the game saying, “[It] is a game that shows the view of the world from a high place, that stands out and is obvious to those who are not on the outside looking in… It’s the fact that each person faces a different direction that makes them valuable. We support Mr. Ueda and the staff who believe in him and follow him to create a unique work.”

Director Guillermo Del Toro also shared his thoughts on the game and spoke on Ico’s message; “The designs in the works highlight the story and the ideas behind the story and highlight the importance of the protagonists. Brilliantly crafted, polished, and gracefully illuminated, the scenes in the work reflect important thoughts, emotional connections, and wonderful sparks.”

You can read more thoughts on Ico from some of the biggest names in games on the Famitsu website.

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