Juventus Chairman Tries To Defend European Super League By Comparing It To Fortnite

Despite the idea already falling flat, Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli continues to defend the European Super League by comparing it to popular video games.

Social media allows people to oppose ideas more vociferously than ever before, and that is often viewed as a bad thing. However, the backlash toward plans for a European Super League that were announced over the weekend has provided the perfect example that Twitter isn’t always an infinite pit of negativity. It became clear that no one other than the owners of the clubs involved liked the idea so quickly that the league is already set to fold.

The six English clubs involved have all pulled out, which doesn’t leave much of a league left to speak of. However, Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli continues to try and defend it. Agnelli compared the league to FIFA, which makes sense, but also Call of Duty and Fortnite, which is a little more puzzling.

Agnelli mentioned the popular franchises during an interview with Corriere dello Sport. He says football needs, “authentic catalysts of the attention of today’s kids destined to be tomorrow’s spenders.” That comment was prompted by Agnelli’s claim the sport has lost its younger audience, and competitive online games such as Fortnite are where they are headed instead.

For those unfamiliar with the whole ESL debacle, it involves 12 of Europe’s biggest football teams announcing plans to leave their leagues and create their own Super League. None of the 12 teams would ever be relegated, meaning clubs left behind in the respective domestic leagues would be left with a serious lack of competition. It would also take away unbelievable amounts of money from those leagues, further compounding the decision to try and form the ESL was fueled by nothing other than greed.

The ESL’s influence on gaming extends beyond Agnelli’s fear that Epic and Activision are taking money out of his pockets. Those who play titles like FIFA and Football Manager started to wonder what it might mean for the futures of those franchises. For now, you don’t need to worry about that. However, it’s unlikely the owners of the clubs involved will give up on the idea, or something similar. Especially if there is money to be made.

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