Kingdom Hearts Director Teases Final Fantasy Versus XIII Connection

Kingdom Hearts III’s director is teasing a connection between Verum Rex and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, as well as an “unexpected development.”

We touched on this in our previous coverage on the matter, so for a full explanation, we’d encourage you to read it and then report back here for an update. To summarize, there’s a fictional game trailer in Kingdom Hearts III’s Toy Story world called Verum Rex where a character called Yozora tries to save his girlfriend from a very Final Fantasy-looking boss enemy.

Yozora shows up again in Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind, appearing as a secret final boss that throws down with Sora. Depending on whether or not you beat Yozora determines whether you get the “good” or “bad” ending of ReMind.

And to top this conspiracy sandwich off, Yozora just so happens to be the main protagonist for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the never-finished sequel to Final Fantasy XIII that eventually became Final Fantasy XV instead.

All caught up? Great. Now, Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura has more to say on the possible connection between Verum Rex and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

With ReMind’s release and the discovery that Yozora had way more of a role in it than merely as a fictional protagonist for a fake advertisement, fans speculated that Nomura might be trying to revive Versus XIII as Verum Rex. Nomura’s response to these rumors seems to be somewhat cagey.

“Only I know the full story behind Versus XIII and Verum Rex,” Nomura tweeted on Friday. “However, the two are completely different and I think an unexpected development is occurring.”

Telling us that Versus XIII and Verum Rex are completely different isn’t saying much, but what could he mean by an “unexpected development?” Could Verum Rex be turning into a real game? Might Versus XIII finally get made? Or might the next Kingdom Hearts game already have a tie-in with Yozora that explains all this madness once and for all?

Probably not. If Kingdom Hearts is famous for anything, it’s creating a byzantine maze of characters that always spawn more questions than answers.

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