Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Release Date Potentially Leaked By Retailer

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory‘s release date may have been leaked by an Austrian retailer. If this rumor is correct, it will release on November 13th, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Xbox One is mysteriously not mentioned.

Ezereal found the news and posted a screenshot of the website on Twitter. Fan site KH13 reported on this rumored Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory release date.

It’s been a while since the announcement of the game in June, and we’ve heard very little. We do know it is scheduled to release sometime in Fall 2020. There’s been no word of when the next trailer will drop and no official release date has been given by Square Enix, even though the year is quickly coming to a close.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, when it eventually releases, will have over 140 songs and 20 characters from the series so far. It will also be the first game in the series with online multiplayer, which will have players facing off against each other in a rhythmic battle, and you can play the game with a fellow Kingdom Hearts buddy in local co-op.

Melody of Memory, despite it being a music action game, will be canon to the story as Kairi tries to figure out a way to bring back Sora, her “Dearly Beloved.”

It’s exciting for fans of the series, as the music by Yoko Shimomura has been such a standout element of the previous installments in the franchise. It’s frustrating that we once again have to experience the same graphics style and worlds once again, but this will hopefully be a nostalgic journey from KH1 all the way up to Kingdom Hearts 3. 

We currently know a few songs that will be featured in the game, such as, “Darkness of the Unknown,” “Night of Fate,” “A Day in Agrabah,” and the epic boss battle theme, “Rage Awakened.”

If we do have a selection of KH3 songs, “L’Oscurita di Xehanort,” Scala Ad Caelum’s world theme, and the Toy Box Battle Theme would be high up on the list.

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