Linus Forced To Explain Concept Of Death To His Daughter On Stream

Our friendly neighborhood tech-wizard Linus found himself in a bit of trouble on stream this week, scrambling to explain a squirrel’s unfortunate fate to his daughter. As anyone might imagine, describing the concept of death to a child is not an easy task, but Linus managed to bring the term “fail” to a new level with this one.

When informing the stream about his plans to rework some wiring in his house, he mentioned the existence of a dead squirrel in the crawl space. His daughter was around (clearly around the preschool age range) and almost immediately asked, “what dead squirrel is there?” This led Linus to respond with “I shouldn’t have brought that up” – and the said explanation began.

Chat realized the predicament that Linus created for himself when his daughter followed up with the infamous question, “why?” The tech streamer admitted that he didn’t know how it died, leading him to speculate, “maybe it just lost it’s will to live” – that’s a yikes. “Maybe it just didn’t wanna be alive anymore.”

Redditors found the clip equal parts hilarious and brutal. Many users questioned Linus’ rather dark approach at explaining the squirrel’s demise to his daughter.

While it’s easy to criticize his approach, he was put on the spot. He eventually stumped his daughter with the line, “maybe he got in a fight with a porcupine and it lost.” When she asked where the porcupine was, he told her that it could’ve left since it won the hypothetical fight. She then went silent and Linus looked at the camera and said, “she’s processing that one.”

Overall, the dialogue was harmless. His daughter was pretty funny for hurling a stream of adult questions at Linus in the middle of a build. The personality is well-known for his deep knowledge of computer builds and technical specifications, but parenting will always be a great mystery to us all.

I’m reminded of the time Sesame Street paid tribute to the passing of Mr. Hooper by using Big Bird as the “child” of the situation. The cast explained to Big Bird that he had passed away, and they handled difficult topic with grace.

Sources: Twitch, Reddit, YouTube

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