Lost Game Award Bought By YouTuber And Returned To Celeste Developer

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey bought a real Game Awards statue and returned it to the developers of Celeste, who never managed to receive it.

There are a ton of rare gaming collectibles out there, ranging from old games to collector's editions that sold too fast for most to get a chance at owning. Those rare collectibles pale in comparison to an actual Game Award, something that PrestigeIsKey managed to find on eBay and reunite with its rightful owners – the development team behind Celeste.

PrestigeIsKey describes themselves as a big fan of The Game Awards, saying that they enjoy watching it every year. Because of this he's been searching for a replica of the statues to put on his wall, checking sites like eBay for replicas. During one of those searches, he managed to find a listing for a real Game Awards statue that was selling for $500.

After this, PrestigeIsKey bidded a slightly lower amount and ended up winning the item. After receiving it and unboxing it on camera, it was clear that it was indeed a real game award, one meant for the team behind Celeste. The seller, who usually sells car parts, mentions in the description of the item that it came from one of their liquidation sources, but that they don't have any more information beyond that.

Following the unboxing and checking that the statue was real, PrestigeIsKey then decided to contact Extremely OK Games, the developers behind Celeste, and tell them that he was in possession of their statue. He got in contact with the operations manager for Extremely OK Games, who revealed that they never received the trophy, despite being seen taking it on stage in front of Ninja.

It's not clear how the team never got the Game Award that they'd earnt, but we've got a happy ending for you here as PrestigeIsKey agreed that it should go back to its rightful place, with Extremely OK Games reimbursing him for his kindness and giving him some signed copies of Celeste as a thank you.

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