Dr Disrespect Falls For The Ultimate Jebait In Warzone

Dr Disrespect is no fool, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be caught with his pants down from time to time. And this is one of those times.

Call of Duty: Warzone is perhaps the greatest battle royale game in the world today. It has all the fast action of Apex Legends with an even wider assortment of weapons than PUBG. There are so many strategies and counter-strategies to employ in Warzone that no two games ever play out the same way.

This variety also makes it hard to plan for every contingency. As Dr Disrespect learned during yesterday’s stream.

Our hero starts in a Tactical Rover around the mountainous section of Verdansk. Spotting a freshly slain corpse and its bevy of loot, he drives over to reap the spoils before getting back in his 4×4 to roam for other victims. Then he spots one on the side of the mountain without a spec of cover to be found.

Since this is Doc, he decides to play it up for the camera and just run this guy over. “Is this guy gonna run me over dude?” Doc asks in a mock pantomime of his soon-to-be roadkill. “Oh no!”

Only it didn’t turn out that way. Instead, Doc fell for the oldest trick in the book, with the lonely soldier using himself as bait.

As Doc propelled forward on a collision course, the enemy quickly took out an RPG and fired at near point-blank range. Doc’s poorly armored rover exploded, killing him instantly. You can see Doc’s dismay in the clip below when he goes to rub his mustache.

Cutting to commercial break where he shadow boxes Steven Segal, Doc uses his recent demise to load into a new game where he’s almost immediately sniped by a foe using a thermal sensor. Doc then lambasts him for using the cheap but effective tactic.

That’s just how Warzone games go sometimes. Even when you’re the two-time national champion.

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