Knut’s Daughter Shows Esports Promise In Roblox Fight

Knut’s daughter is showing some real esports acumen after she handily dispatched a griefer in Roblox.

Norwegian bodybuilder and Twitch streamer Knut Spildrejordehas is perhaps best known for his controversial streams and periodically getting banned for them. His latest ban happened at the King of Twitch Poker Invitational last year when he bought in several transgender sex workers to put off Andy Milonakis from his game. Before that, he got himself banned from Twitchcon san Diego by texting while driving on stream.

Knut’s daughter Louise, by comparison, is a far more wholesome role model. She’s also a complete badass, as you’ll see in the below clip.

Like many kids, Knut’s daughter likes to play Roblox. She’s hardly in the minority as there are typically around 90 million players on Roblox over any given month (and likely more with the coronavirus pandemic). But like all online sandbox games, Roblox is filled with trolls and griefers that must be dealt with swiftly. Which Knut’s daughter does.

The clip begins with Louise in her factory building… something. Since Roblox is an enormous sandbox with near-infinite variability, it’s hard to tell exactly what she’s doing other than making pink cubes. But then, an intruder jumps over the wall and begins to attack! Thinking fast, Louise jumps onto her own wall when disaster strikes: she accidentally hits the Windows key.

Where most pro gamers would admit defeat, Knut’s daughter remains calm. She stamps down the Windows bar and then hops back into her home as the enemy appears to get confused and jumps back into the courtyard. It seems that the accidental Windows keypress might have even saved her by causing her to stop for a moment in the heat of battle.

Back inside her abode, Louise pulls out her Pink Sword (™) and then waits for the enemy to return. She goes on the attack, furiously swiping and hopping (which are your only options in Roblox) before finally cutting the griefer to pieces.

Note the lean-in and completely blank expression as she concentrates on defending herself. Then it’s back to business as soon as he’s dead as though nothing happened. That’s the mark of a true professional.

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