When is the next Nintendo Direct? March 2020 stream date and time latest

Nintendo Direct March 2020 stream date and start time could be fast approaching, according to the latest rumours. At the time of writing it has been over 200 days since the last full-fat proper Nintendo Direct, with the last one taking place in September. Nintendo Switch fans have been left wondering when the next Nintendo Direct could be, but this drought could soon be broken.

Ahead of the next Nintendo Direct Express.co.uk has rounded up everything you need to know about the upcoming broadcast from the House of Mario.

We have details on when the March 2020 Nintendo Direct is expected to happen and when the start date and stream time could be.

You can also find details below on the games that could be getting announced in the next Nintendo Direct.

So, without further ado let’s take a deep dive into when the Nintendo Direct for March 2020 could drop…


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The next Nintendo Direct is expected to take place this week, according to two sources.

The leaker that correctly predicted that E3 2020 would get cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic said a Nintendo Direct is coming this week.

And they claimed that the next Nintendo Direct will feature an update on Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid.

The other source is VentureBeat, who correctly predicted that an Indie Direct would be happening last week.

VB said a proper Nintendo Direct would follow this Indie broadcast and that it would “likely” happen on Thursday March 26.

They added that Nintendo has been putting the finishing touches to the Nintendo Direct which will be dropping soon.

In terms of a start time, the Indie Direct that aired last week took place at 5pm UK time.

So if Ninty decides to follow this release schedule again then that’s when the Nintendo Direct for March 2020 could drop.


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Now that Animal Crossing New Horizons is out, we don’t have confirmed release dates for any more first-party Switch exclusives for the rest of 2020.

We know that No More Heroes 3, Bravely Default 2 and the Xenoblade Chronicles remake are dropping this year but we don’t know when.

This bare looking Nintendo Switch release schedule has led fans to thinking that Ninty has a few surprises in store for 2020.

And these unannounced surprise games, or titles which have been announced but have yet to get a release date, could appear in the next Nintendo Direct.

As previously mentioned, Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid are rumoured to feature in the next Nintendo Direct.

However, which Metroid game features in the next Direct remains to be seen.

Could it be Metroid Prime 4 or the much-requested Metroid Prime Trilogy compilation or the rumoured Super Metroid remake?

Other leaks have claimed Pikmin 4, a new Paper Mario and Mario Kart 9 as well as more Wii U ports are all set to appear on the Nintendo Switch this year.

These titles could all make an appearance in the next Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo leaker Emily Rogers previously on Twtter gave her predictions for what Switch fans can expect from 2020.

And this tweet from the Nintendo insider could also shine a spotlight on some of the incoming Nintendo Direct announcements.

Rogers tweeted: “My overall expectations for Switch software this year: Good year to be a plumber. Solid year to be an RPG fan. (Xenoblade, BravelyDefault 2).

“INSANE year to re-play old games (HD remasters, deluxe ports, remakes). Decent year for more casual games. (AC = casual)”.

And finally, long-lost titles such as Bayonetta 3 and Shin Megami Tensei V – which haven’t appeared since 2017 – will hopefully appear in the next Direct.

As always, it’s best to take all rumours with a pinch of salt, so it remains to be seen if a new Direct does drop this week and if the above rumoured games appear in it.

But, with such a long gap since the last Nintendo Direct, surely Ninty won’t wait much longer till their next big Switch games stream?

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