Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 gameplay leaks, new characters, story update

Spider-Man PS4 has proved one of the most popular PS4 exclusives of all time, as fans embraced Insomniac’s iteration of Marvel’s web-slinging superhero. The game swept the Gamer’s Choice awards last year, and buzz surrounding it is yet to die down in 2020, with potential new details about its sequel on the horizon.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will inevitably receive the sequel treatment at some point soon, especially with the PS5 due for release at the end of 2020.

The game would be amongst some of the best choices to showcase the console’s new power and DualSense handling, but Insomniac has been tight-lipped about any upcoming development.

Recently, one Reddit user claimed the developers held an hour-long Zoom meeting detailing features of the Spider-Man sequel.

In the meeting, the Redditor claimed, they exhibited missions, new mechanics and cutscenes.


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The next game’s narrative will allegedly see Peter Parker return to the arms of the Daily Bugle alongside J Jonah Jameson, who is forced back to his previous editor position due to the failure of his podcast.

Mary Jane Watson, who was serving as an investigative reporter for the paper in the last game, is out on the job in a war zone, the post said.

The new game will allegedly also add a host of dynamic changes into the mix, including a total of seven weather types and fewer daytime changes.

The poster added Spider-Man 2 would incorporate another plentiful helping from Peter Parker’s villain’s gallery, with some of his friends also cropping up.

They said the following characters would make an appearance with the next game:

  • Eddie Brock
  • Doctor Curtis Connors (Lizard)
  • Miles Morales (as a playable character)
  • Harry Osbourne (as Venom)
  • Morbius
  • Carnage
  • Wraith

The poster teased other characters would also be inbound, with a distinct focus on the alien symbiote, the basis of the character Venom.

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Alongside a set of detailed side missions, the Reddit post also alleged players could access the black “symbiote” suit with the touch of a button, and each variant would have its own version.

The former mechanic is a hark back to 2008’s Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, which released on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

While the poster promised a host of lofty developments from Sony, the poster later exposed themselves as a fake.

In a separate Reddit post, they said the original “leak” was “entirely made-up” and thanked onlookers for an “entertaining 24 hours”.

The poster said they were just a “Spidey fan and aspiring writer” hopping to see how their ideas panned out to the public, but the situation “got out of hand faster than expected”.

They added: “I’m just a Spider Fan and an aspiring writer who wanted to see if I could make up a story, some mechanics, and an overall concept that people really enjoyed.

“And most of you did, which I really appreciate. But, don’t worry, Insomniac will deliver something a hundred times better, I have faith in them.

“Fingers crossed for a Web of Shadows-style suit switching and combat though.”

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