Microsoft Flight Simulator Players Are Flying Into Hurricane Laura

Thanks to real time weather updates in-game, virtual pilots in Microsoft Flight Simulator can experience Hurricane Laura firsthand.

Fans of Microsoft Flight Simulator have been enjoying the incredibly detailed, nearly perfect recreation of the real world. Thanks to constant server updates, the virtual plane playground maps Earth in real time, meaning that events like weather can be seen from the skies.

The Southeastern United States is in the middle of hurricane season, and is currently experiencing the effects of Hurricane Laura. The Category 4 storm is a very serious event, and will likely have devastating effects on the Gulf Coast.

While Hurricane Laura may be a serious threat, it is important for people to find peace and hope in these times, and poking fun of real issues is a way that people have been dealing with stress since way before the dawn of the internet. Microsoft Flight Simulator has provided players with the ability to become virtual storm chasers and fly into one of the largest storms the United States has seen in recent history.

The game’s advanced world-generation uses satellites to constantly update the game, meaning that Hurricane Laura exists in the game because it exists in the real world. Players who fly off the coast of Florida are greeted by miles of thick, dark clouds. The wind speed will even increase to simulate the harsh conditions of the storm.

Several players have chronicled their journeys through Hurricane Laura, the billowing clouds enveloping both prop planes and commercial jets. Some of the images are gorgeously terrifying, the very real threat reduced to mere pixels and particle simulations.

Players will also be able to fly through Florida when the hurricane inevitably makes landfall. Certain areas, such as Disney World, are likely to see increased air traffic in the coming days.

Even though Microsoft Flight Simulator uses advanced technology to create a detailed recreation of out world, there are a few glitches when it comes to world generation. Players looking to obtain all of the game’s achievements can expect to spend a lot of time in the air, as the expansive experience will remain updated for years to come.

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