High Noon Brings Wild West Wargaming To Your Tabletop

If the old wild West and tabletop games are your thing, then High Noon Games Inc. may have just the thing for you. Currently running on Kickstarter, High Noon is a tactical card-based miniatures combat board game set in a fictional turn-of-the-century town called Sweetwater Gulch. The aim of the game is to take over the West and collect the most amount of gold at the end of 12 turns.

Before starting off the game, players are required to choose a posse of Gunslingers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. These Gunslingers can also use special abilities via an ability deck of cards unique to them.

High Noon doesn’t require any dice as all the movement and action is supposedly in the cards, character sheets, and turn phases. Once you’ve banded your posse together, you’ll have to start your turn by first moving, then performing an action, and then picking a card from one of three decks, segregated into Basic, Special, and Loot cards.

As the name suggests, a Basic card allows you to perform a basic offensive or defensive action, a Special card will allow you to use a special ability or skill based on your chosen posse, and a Loot card will act as a buff, giving you extra weapons, armour, or modifiers.

The board consists of an interchangeable tilebase, ensuring that each playthrough is different from the last. It consists of buildings, roads, and various terrain that you’d have to make your way to take over the West.

“Being a Wild West fan myself, I made it my mission to create the most authentic shootout game the industry has ever seen,” said High Noon creator, Dwight Cenac II. “With this mission, our team took the time and effort needed to produce a quality game that transports you to a different time and place. Given our hard work, we feel Wild West fans and newcomers alike will enjoy High Noon and every exhilarating gameplay it provides.”

The Kickstarter campaign for High Noon took off yesterday, March 5, and was achieved in just seven hours! The original goal of the campaign was set at $60,000, while the amount pledged at the time of writing sits at over $81,000 with 29 days yet to go. This means that High Noon Games Inc. has already surpassed its first stretch goal, and is only $14,000 short of its second. A third stretch goal will be revealed once the second one is met.

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