MMO Fractured Hosting Free End-Of-Year Criminal System Open PvP Playtest

Italy-based Dynamight Studios recently announced the End Year 2020 Open Playtest for its open-world sandbox MMO-ARPG Fractured. The brand new open playtest begins on Wednesday, December 30, and will run until Sunday, January 3, 2021. The event is open to all registered users, so if you’re not yet registered, you can do so for free over on the Fractured website.

Multiple changes have been made to facilitate the Open Playtest event, primarily due to the launching of the brand new Criminal System that will go live during the event. In order to run a full and thorough test of Fractured’s PvP mechanics, the Criminal System will be implemented, minus the bounty hunting and jail systems. Do the crime without the time! The event will help stress test the game servers, and the devs are hoping to accrue “as much feedback as possible on PvP balancing so we can have that in a good state by the start of the Winter Alpha!”

According to the official announcement, all characters will start “with all existing abilities unlocked and all 60 talents points already earned.” Contained with your character’s banks you’ll find a full set of armor of each type, along with all the wooden and metal weapons in-game. Each of these items will be able to be regenerated at any time with a simple click of an in-game button.

Players who participate in the Open Playtest event will have a chance to win a free access key to the Fractured Winter Alpha, or you may even win yourself permanent game access. These chances will be given to players who rank among the highest in five contests: Best Game Footage, Best/Most Creative Character Build, Coolest Land Parcel, Highest PvP Ranking, and Most Knowledge Acquired.

All players who participate “with a meaningful contribution” will earn 1,000 Foundation Points. Players who rank highest in each contest will be awarded a key to the Winter Alpha test. And the winner of each contest will be awarded a full and permanent access key that will be good from now to the game’s full release, and beyond.

The announcement post has the complete details for each contest. If Fractured is a new game on your radar, you can find out more info from its website, Kickstarter, Steam page, and Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram channels.

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