New Pokemon Snap: What Are Sweet Medals, And How Do You Get Them?

The original Pokemon Snap was back on the Nintendo 64, in the days before the internet and online communication. There, your photos were kept to yourself unless you had a friend over to show them in person.

New Pokemon Snap has breathed new life into this concept by allowing players to upload their photos to the Snap community and have others be able to view them. With the addition of the internet in this game comes Sweet Medals, an entirely new concept to Pokemon games in general.

So what exactly are these Sweet Medals, and how can you make sure you get as many as possible?

What Are Sweet Medals?

Sweet Medals are, essentially, Snap’s version of a ‘like’ button. When browsing the community photos uploaded by other players, you can take a second to pause and slap a Sweet Medal on their picture, which is exactly the same as a ‘like’ on any form of social media.

You can only have six pictures on the online part of ‘Your Page’ at a time, so make sure you choose your best. However, once you pull the picture off the page, you’ll still have those Sweet Medals, so no need to worry about losing them entirely.

How To Get Them

To get some Sweet Medals, you’re going to have to make your pictures stand out. Here’s how to do it!

Customize Them

Customizing your pictures with frames and stickers is the best way to make them unique. Many people have the same shots, but not everyone customizes them in the same way! Make your pictures unique to you.

Choose A Funny Caption

When you upload a photo, the game will choose a caption for you. Usually, it’ll be a default, generic caption that it gives to every player, but if you can pick something funny or interesting, you’ll have more of a chance of getting people to chuckle and hit that Sweet Medal button.

Choose Photos From The Featured Course

Snap will have a featured course listed, where more pictures will show up from that specific course. By uploading photos from it, you’ll have more of a chance of your pictures being seen.

Choose Pokemon From Early In The Game

By default, if coming across a Pokemon picture of something you haven’t encountered yet, Snap will cover it with something like a spoiler warning. Players can choose to bypass it, but most won’t. Therefore, by uploading a photo of a Pokemon you only encounter later in the game, fewer people will see your picture.

Ultimately, Sweet Medals are not a huge part of the game, but they are a fun social media-esque addition and collecting them makes for another fun aspect of New Pokemon Snap that makes the game a little more unique.

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