Nine European Consumer Groups Have Joined Forces To Investigate Joy-Con Drift

The pressure on Nintendo to do something about joy-con drift continues to mount as nine consumer groups in Europe have banded together to investigate the issue.

The Nintendo Switch is well on the way to becoming one of, if not the best-selling Nintendo console of all time by the end of its life cycle. If it even has an ending. There have been suggestions that the Switch could become the first Nintendo console to get updated rather than replaced for the rest of time. That may begin next year as rumors continue to swirl that a Switch Pro is incoming.

The Switch is not without its problems, though. In fact, one that has plagued it since the console was first released is showing no signs of going away anytime soon. We are, of course, talking about joy-con drift. The phenomenon which causes Switch users’ analog sticks to react even when they aren’t being used or even touched.

Even though the problem has been there since launch, it wasn’t until the filing of a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo in 2019 that it got mainstream attention. 18 months on from that, even though Nintendo has apologized for joy-con drift, nothing has been done. Nintendo has even been accused of continuing to manufacture faulty joy-cons.

That has now resulted in consumer groups from nine different European countries teaming up to investigate the problem. Consumer organizations from the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Italy, France, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the European umbrella organization BEUC are urging anyone living in those nine countries to have experienced joy-con drift to get in touch with them. The French and Belgian organizations have already received almost 1000 complaints.

Consumers’ Association director Sandra Molenaar has said that the responses will be used to determine what action needs to be taken. If a solution cannot then be reached with Nintendo, the nine organizations will jointly go to court. More bad news for Nintendo on the joy-con front after it previously claimed in court that joy-con drift “isn’t a real problem or hasn’t caused anyone any inconvenience.”

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