Xbox Marketing Boss Warns People Not To Get Too Excited About The Game Awards

With industry pundit Geoff Keighley hyping up this year’s Game Awards ceremony to an extreme degree, it stands to reason that the major console manufacturers will have all kinds of big announcements peppered throughout the show. Just last year, Microsoft unveiled the first look at the Xbox Series X, for instance, so there’s got to be something good this year. Well, it might actually be wise to temper those expectations, at least according to Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg.

In a Twitter post this morning, Greenberg wrote to fans that Microsoft and the Xbox brand will definitely have some presence at the show, but we’re unlikely to get any massive announcement from the company. We’re not going to suddenly see another Xbox Series console or the resurrection of a long-dormant IP in Microsoft’s catalog. We’ll likely only receive news about Game Pass and maybe one new exclusive.

One thing that might get officially announced is a Cyberpunk 2077 car coming to Forza Horizon 4. Forums on Reddit this morning noted that the “Quadra V-Tech” car came up in the search bar in-game today, which points to the existence of some kind of crossover happening. While crafty fans can already make liveries themed around anything, this official DLC would better replicate what CD Projekt Red made.

Whatever the announcement does end up being, don’t expect the world from Microsft at The Game Awards. That’s just general advice for life, especially in gaming. Don’t go looking for absolute gold and you’ll likely begin to enjoy things more for what they are.

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