Nintendo Direct Leaker Predicts Upcoming Date For PS5 Reveal

According to a new rumor floating around on ResetEra – we may be getting the PlayStation 5 reveal as early as June. Sony has yet to officially confirm anything about a reveal date, but Jeffrey Grubb of VentureBeat just claimed that June 4 is their current target. Considering that he accurately foretold both dates for Nintendo Direct and Indie World Showcase last month, the rumor shouldn’t be taken too lightly.

When a ResetEra user lamented the lack of information surrounding the PS5, Grubb casually replied, “Currently planned for June 4.” Others were quick to hype up the tiny-but-powerful bit of hopeful news. “Holy shit the Grubbinator is back at it” wrote user “–R” within minutes of his post.

The news soon spread to Reddit, where “u/OnkelJupp” neatly compiled some related sources. Apparently, we’re due for an Xbox Series X reveal on May 5 as well. Next-Gen titles are going to be slowly rolled out too, with another ResetEra poster claiming that certain European outlets will feature some exclusive information very soon. Some are predicting that the next big announcement will come in the form of a new Assassin’s Creed game. All of this information is largely speculative, of course, but taking into account Grubb’s impressive track record – there is hope yet.

Sources: ResetEra, Reddit

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