Nintendo Reveals Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Expansion Pass Details

The official Japanese Zelda account has revealed the two new DLCs that will be coming as part of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity’s expansion pass, translated as Ancient Heartbeat and Guardian of Recollection.

The first is set to come at the end of June while the second is slated for release at the end of November. Translated by @PushDustin, the promotional material reads, “Pack #1. Ancient Heartbeat. New Playable Character(s), New Weapon(s), New Action Style, New Challenge(s), Royal Ancient Tech Lab, And New Strong Enemy (Enemies).”

It should be noted, as it is in the tweet, that Japanese doesn’t have plurals and so these could be either singular or multiple. The tweet continues, “Pack #2. The Guardian of Recollection. New Story, New Stage(s), New Playable Character(s), Additional Actions For Existing Character(s).”

The original post simply read “expanded roster” which had the DLC listed as ‘Wave 1’ and ‘Wave 2.’ As such, it’s unclear if it is multiple new characters being added or if it’s just one per pack. It could be either way, at this point, and it won’t be clarified until there’s an official announcement in English via either Twitter again or in a trailer.

The expansion pass is currently available for pre-order on the Nintendo Switch store for $20. This will net you both the pack in June and the one in November.

“Newly added characters, stages, and more are all on their way! Purchase this expansion pass to get both waves of DLC as they are released,” the store page reads, “You’ll also get an additional in-game weapon and costume for Link starting May 28, 2021.”

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