Nintendo Suggests Bayonetta 3 Will Have Two Bayonettas

Nintendo appears to be in a very good mood this week. It followed up on the reveal that we will be getting a new Kirby game this summer by finally revealing when Bayonetta 3 will launch. Confirmation of a release date was accompanied by an all-new trailer, and eagle-eyed Bayonetta fans may have noticed the series' hero appears to come face-to-face with herself at one point.

Don't worry if you missed it, you definitely wouldn't have been the only one. In fact, Nintendo appeared to be banking on the brief moment passing most viewers by as it shared a still shortly after the trailer reveal highlighting the moment. First Nintendo of America asked “is that another Bayonetta?” before other official Nintendo accounts shared a screenshot and confirmed there will be at least two Bayonettas.

The moment, which you can check out below, is shot from behind the OG Bayonetta as she converses with an alternate version of herself. The leading reason why this moment may have been missed by the bulk of Bayonetta fans watching the trailer is due to the very different outfit the alternate protagonist is wearing. A far more flamboyant get-up adorned in gold and jewels.

What a second Bayonetta means for the game exactly, well, let the wild theorizing commence. Multiverses are very in right now thanks to Marvel. Perhaps the Bayonetta games will have a multiverse of their own moving forward. As for some of the more obvious moments in the trailer, most of the characters from the first two games were confirmed to be returning for Bayonetta 3, and the enemies attempting to take the hero down are homonculi, part human, part something more sinister it seems.

Bayonetta's clothing has actually been a hot topic since the trailer and its release date dropped earlier today. Not only because a second Bayonetta with a completely different look made her debut, but also because the new game will include a mode that makes sure Bayonetta's clothes remain on at all times. When Naive Angel mode is on, Bayonetta's clothes will remain on when she performs more powerful moves unlike the first two games.

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