No Man's Sky Origins Update Adds 'Millions' More Planets

Another free No Man’s Sky update just landed, called No Man’s Sky Origins. And this one seems to be a pretty significant expansion for the VR-supported game.

Origins is set to expand Hello Games’ already massive procedurally generated universe with “millions” of new planets. No Man’s Sky already included billions of randomized worlds to explore and claim as your own. Now there’s plenty more of them. Check it out in a trailer below.

No Man’s Sky Origins Update Revealed

With these new planets comes a raft of new features. Some systems will now feature multiple stars, and new planets are designed to have idylic, sweeping terrain to explore with friends. Plus the game’s had a completely overhauled user interface — something we’ll be keen to try out in VR — and every planet in the game has been updated with a new range of flora and alien fauna.

And that’s far from everything. New items and crafting options have been added, new texture details are included for planets, infestations can infect environments and perhaps coolest of all, there are now volcanoes too. In fact, there’s a lot of new weather effects, including lightning storms, tornadoes and even meteor showers.

And, yes, every element of the Origins update supports VR, we’ve confirmed. No Man’s Sky’s 2019 Beyond update added full support for PC VR headsets and PSVR on PS4, and every successive update, including Living Ships and July’s Desolation update, all integrate headsets.

Will you be jumping into the No Man’s Sky Origins update? Let us know in the comments below!

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