Oddworld Soulstorm: How To Save All Mudokons In Feeco Depot

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  • Mudokon 1-4
  • Mudokons 5-7
  • Mudokons 8-12
  • Mudokons 13-16
  • Mudokons 17-25

There are 25 Mudokons that you need to save in the Feeco Depot stage in Oddworld Soulstorm. Feeco Depot is a shorter stage, and most Mudokons are in groups. Unfortunately, some are behind some very tricky puzzles, and keeping your Mudokons alive through these puzzles can be challenging.

The best advice for keeping your Mudokons alive is to take your time and pace your actions slowly. Trying to do too much too quickly will make this stage a lot harder than it needs to be. Also, use checkpoints strategically. If you activate a checkpoint right before doing something dangerous, you can avoid doing annoying repetitive actions like opening lockers for supplies. Moreover, it will let you quickly retry that section.

Mudokon 1-4

Immediately go left and jump up to the small passage above.

Crawl through the passage.

Keep going down the path until your reach these bars. Drop down from the last bar and save the Mudokon here.

Continue past the portal and save all four Mudokons in this section.

Send them through the portal when they are all revived.

Mudokons 5-7

Go back to the start.

Go right and continue down the main path.

Once you reach the trolley, use a bouncy candy to knock out the Slig. Take the trolly to the next section and then go right.

Go down this path until you run into the cranks.

Take out the Sligs and avoid the moving cranks.

Save the three Mudokons in this section.

Send the Mudokons through the portal.

Mudokons 8-12

Go back to the trolley and then go left.

Use a bouncy candy to knock out the Slig. Then while it is unconscious, pull the lever. Now you can get past the red electricity. From there, keep going left.

Save all of the Mudokons in this section.

There are a total of five here.

Below these Mudokons is the path to the portal. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of Slig guards blocking the way. Take all of these Sligs out with Fizzy Pows. This part might take you a few attempts to get right. So make sure you have a convenient checkpoint setup.

Before you make it to the bottom with your Mudokon followers, make the Mudokons wait on a higher platform. Draw out the guards dogs from their pen on the bottom right-hand corner. Get the dogs to leave their pin and run out to the far left corner. Be careful doing this because they will kill you instantly if they catch you.

Now stealthily walk with your Mudokons to the bottom right area. Avoid getting detected by security beams. Once you reach the far right corner, you will spot a portal. Send these five Mudokons through the portal.

Mudokons 13-16

Backtrack to the trolley and go back towards the start of the level.

Along the way back, you will see a breakable floor. Blow it open with a Fizzy Pow.

Continue down the path it takes you down.

Once you reach the pillar depicted in this picture, use your chant to possess the Slig to your left. Take out the other Sligs.

Then shoot a hole in the floor and then explode your Slig.

With the bottom area now accessible, climb down to this area. Save the Mudokon in the bottom right corner.

Save the Mudokon in the bottom left corner.

Climb up to the upper pillars and keep going left. Possess the Slig in the next area to the left (past the portal). Same idea here, use the Slig to blow a hole in the floor and have it explode itself.

Save the other Mudokons in the bottom area here.

The fourth Mudokon is in the other corner.

Climb up to the portal and send these four Mudokons through it.

Mudokons 17-25

Go back to the trolley and keep going forward. Knock out the guards using the gun on the trolley.

Go left and save the Five Mudokon workers in this upper section.

Make your way through the area below them to get to the next portal. It is easier if you take out all the Sligs before you take your Mudokons through here. Make sure you have a good checkpoint activated.

Clear out the guards with Fizzy Pows or other items. At the bottom, take out all the Sligs and the guard dogs. Take your Mudokon followers with you and continue down the main path.

Take the trolley elevator up and use the laser gun to knock out the Sligs before they can shoot at your Mudokons.

Keep going right until you reach the train crossings.

After the train passes, climb down to the two Mudokons below. Hang out here while the next train comes. Have your Mudokons wait here for now.

Go right and use the jumping bars to sneak by the snipers.

Save the Mudokons at the other train crossing area.

Climb to the upper right side and have your Mudokons wait here.

Go back across the train crossing. This time stick to the upper platforms. You can use the cart here to pass by the sniper.

Go back down to where you left your other Mudokons. Have the Mudokons follow you back up towards the cart.

Take the cart back across.

Get across the second train crossing. If you cannot do it in one go, wait in the bottom right corner and wait for another train to pass before continuing. With every Mudokon across, keep going right.

Send them through the portal at the end of the level. Then finish the level by pulling the lever and taking the exit.

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