Oddworld Soulstorm: How To Save All Mudokons In Phat Station

A total of 32 Mudokons need saving in Phat Station in Oddworld Soulstorm. These 32 Mudokons are incredibly frustrating to save because Phat Station has many puzzles, which can prevent you from saving them all. Remember to take your time, and always put your Mudokons' safety first.

Perhaps the best advice is to take a breath every once in and while because Phat Station will be the first level that really tests your skills. You should also be prepared to use lots of smoke bombs. You can craft these items with the material you find in lockers and trash bins, so make sure to search as many of those as you can. So, without further delay, let's start saving some Mudokons.

Mudokon 1

Start the level by going left. This path goes on for a bit. Do not stop until you reach a large cliff.

Drop down the cliff.

You will find the first Mudokon by the checkpoint here.

Sneak past the sniper.

Once you cross, you will need to drop down and then head in the opposite direction to find the secret area with the portal. This area is well hidden, but it only requires you to go right after the first drop. Send the Mudokon through the portal.

Mudokon 2

Keep going left down the main path, past the sniper.

The next Mudokon is by the checkpoint. Heal the Mudokon, then double back to the last portal. Avoid the sniper.

Send them through the portal.

Mudokon 3 to 8

Keep going down the main path.

Go past the smokestacks.

Enter and make your way through the entire building until you reach the exit.

Sneak through the steam to avoid the Sligs.

Enter the next building.

Rescue the Mudokons below you. You need to use the levers to free them.

Open the door using all six Mudokons.

Sneak through the entire building with the Mudokons. Once you reach the exit, send the Mudokons through the portal, then exit.

Mudokon 9 to 11

Take the trolley to the next area.

Go left, using the steam to avoid detection. Go down the elevator.

Rescue these two Mudokons.

Keep going right, using the steam as cover. Save the third Mudokon working by the next checkpoint.

Go all the way right until you find the portal, then send all of the Mudokons through it. Enter the building beside the portal.

Mudokon 12 to 14

Go through the entire building until you reach the end.

Once you exit, go left and then take the trolley to the next stage back.

Go all the way right and enter the building.

After you enter the building, start making your way down. There will be three workers by the vending machine. The Mudokons you need to rescue are hiding at the beginning of this area, so make sure you do not miss them. Once you reach the end, send them through the portal. Then use the exit beside the portal.

Mudokon 15 to 20

Once you leave, you will spot these two Mudokons by the door. Go left, using smoke bombs to avoid detection.

Make your way to the top platforms in this guarded area to find another Mudokon.

Keep going left, then save the Mudokon by the next checkpoint.

Go left again into the next area. Use smoke bombs to avoid detection. Save the next Mudokon on the middle platform.

The sixth Mudokon is on the upper left platform.

Exit left from this area and send the Mudokons through the portal. Take the elevator up.

Go right at the top until you reach the trolley. Then, take the trolley to the last platform.

Mudokon 21 to 32

Once you arrive, save the two Mudokons beside the station.

Go left and save another Mudokon.

Climb up the walls here without dying.

Save the two other Mudokons here and pull the lever to let the others climb up. Go right without getting killed.

Save the Mudokon below the checkpoint sign.

Get through this next section without dying or letting any Mudokons die. This section is all about timing. Be patient!

Climb up the next set of walls without getting hit.

Pull the lever and save the Mudokon.

Go left through this same kind of timing puzzle. Save the Mudokon working beside the lever.

Keep going left and save the next Mudokon by the checkpoint.

Climb again, and avoid getting hit. Pull the lever and save the other Mudokon over here.

Go right and get past the timing puzzle. Save the last two Mudokons by the lever in the middle of this puzzle.

Keep going right, trying not to get killed. Climb up again and pull the lever.

Go left and open the portal, then take the elevator up and finish the level. That's all of them!

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