Overwatch 2 Survey Asks Players About Microtransactions

Some of the changes brought in with Overwatch 2 have been popular, but no one seems to be a fan of the new microtransactions. Coins are now unlocked at a snail's pace, meaning anyone who wants to buy skins will have to fork over real cash. The Battle Pass has also faced criticism, particularly its free tier, as many feel that it's too grindy.

Now, players are being given the chance to voice these frustrations. A survey is being sent around to Overwatch 2 users, asking them what purchases they've made in the game so far, and why they made them. The survey also asks players who haven't spent a dime why they've been avoiding the microtransactions, allowing these people to voice their frustrations.

While not everyone has the survey right now, one player who does shared its contents for us all to see. Here, we can see that it's entirely focused on our spending habits, asking what we've bought and why. There's also a section for you to write down your thoughts, letting you suggest what needs to be done to fix the Battle Pass and in-game currency system.

In the screenshots shared by Reddit user Kevombat, we can see that they told Blizzard to reduce skin prices by 80 percent, and to make it easier to earn currency through gameplay. This isn't surprising given the recent Halloween event controversies, which have seen bundles containing a skin, an emote, a player icon and a highlight intro going for $26 worth of in-game currency. Worse yet, you can't actually buy $26 in coins, and have to instead fork out $50.

This is a far cry from the original Overwatch which, while not perfect itself, at least allowed players to purchase skins individually, rather than exclusively through pricey bundles. It was also much easier to earn coins in the first Overwatch, and there was always the chance of getting the skin through a Loot Box anyway.

It remains to be seen if Blizzard will act upon the recommendations of fans, who all seemingly agree that Overwatch 2 got it wrong. So far, the monetization has only gotten worse though, so there will need to be a drastic change to turn things around.

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